Well my dear friends after 64 days, looks like this virus will have to be a part of our “new lives” going forward now. Those of us who can be flexible, who can accept the new reality and adapt to the changes in our daily lives should be able to cope with and adapt to whatever the “future” has in store for us.

I enjoyed writing the stories that were a part of my life very much as I got to relive them while writing them. It was lots of fun, a good way to use part of my self-isolation day, and I appreciated all the friends who took the time to give me feedback as to how they might have enjoyed a particular story that I posted. Thank you all for taking the time to make comments and thanks to all of you who gave me the thumbs up and the hearts and smiles. You all helped to put a nice smile on my face and get through each day.

In just 3 weeks, I will be leaving my comfortable life here in Fort Myers for the sobering “reality” of NYC.

Why am I going back to NYC ?……………………Over the years from 1998 until I retired in 2008, my wife and I have been to Fort Myers in every month of the year for short trips just to try out what the weather is like in each month here. We even experienced a hurricane “in person”, hurricane “Frances” on Sept. 5, 2004. It was a weak hurricane but it scared me to death. It also made me realize that with no electricity and no air-conditioning (just for 6 hours) it is unbearable and is even “life threatening” for me. Can you imagine what a real powerful hurricane can do?

That year, 2004, the state of Florida had 4 hurricanes! The first one was a direct hit on Punta Gorda which is just 39 miles from my condo. That was Charley in August. It was on Friday the 13th. I came down here to check out our condo the last week of August and that was when we experienced Frances 9/05/04. The third one was Ivan 9/16/04 and finally, the 4th one was Jeanne 9/26/04 !!! Just a year later on 10/26/05 Wilma’s damage was the most costly to come back from. It cost Florida $321,954,011 in repairs !!!

My point being that I came up with this analogy which helps me to stay a snowbird:

I follow God. God lives in NYC from May through October when the Devil lives in Florida. He then goes to live in Fort Myers from November through March when the Devil lives in NYC!!!

The temps and humidity get so hot in Florida, in July, Aug, & Sept. that one year we came back at the end of Oct. to find our laundry room completely covered with the liquid detergents that spilled out of the cracks in the plastic bottles that held them. It took hours to clean up the mess! Our lanai can get up to 120 degrees during the hot humid months we are not here. I cannot even imagine being in Florida in the days of the Covid virus and being told we have to “evacuate” to a “shelter”!

So that is why we are going back to our NY home in the middle of June.

I am all storied out!

So I will say so long for now. It was a sweet ride down memory lane and I have come to a fork in the road…and as Yogi Berra wisely said….

…”when you come to a fork in the road…take it!”