…so my dear friends, this was day 1… of “no sports on tv”….. guess the corona virus turned a “negative” into a “positive”. I haven’t spoken to so many of my family members and friends like i have the past 2 days in a long long time……. we sports fans can take this time to reach inward and take stock of our lives and evaluate how we are and where we are headed….and take the time to communicate more with those we love….maybe read a good book or two, a good magazine or two, (I know i am dating myself when i say that) but I still love to turn the pages of a newspaper, a good book, a good magazine  
this is a great time for “reflection”…… catch our breath……and enjoy “smelling the roses”…….  can’t wait for Day 2…
March Madness has become March Sanity !  
and that ain’t so bad is it ???

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