Love Is

by May Swenson

a rain of diamonds

in the mind

the soul’s fruit

sliced in two

a dark spring

loosed at the lips of light

under-earth waters

unlocked from their lurking

to sparkle in a crevice

parted by the sun

a temple 

not of stone but of cloud

beyond the heart’s roar

and all violence

outside the anvil-stunned domain

unfrenzied space

between the grains of change

blue permanence

one short step

to the good ground

the bite into bread again

–from The Love Poems of May Swenson (Houghton Mifflin, 1991)

Love is the miracle to which we are entitled: familial love, friendship love, romantic love. It requires giving, patience, and, as John Lewis apparently advised those he knew, to be particular. Wishing love to all.

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