When it’s not easy to smile, it’s when we need to most of all for our sake and our families. Take a deep breath. Look around. Think of all the things you have to be thankful for. Take another deep breath. Then, indulge in a smile. You deserve it.


Before you roll your eyes, let me remind you that slime-making is a fantastic science experiment! So not surprisingly there are so many recipes and tutorials for how to make slime on the market. There are recipes that you can use with just the ingredients you have at home. There are recipes that call for lots of fun ingredients to make really interesting types of slime. Just by changing the type of glue you use, there are a bunch of different options from metallic to neon, to color changing. Now there are even sound elements that can be added to make noisy slime as well as decorative elements like slime charms. There are no shortage of options. When all else fails, buy a ready made slime kit. No matter which option you choose, make sure to use some spare containers you don’t want to reuse for food and an area you don’t mind making a mess that is easy to clean up because your kids are going to go crazy with this stuff!


Granted, your guest list may be limited to just the people in your home, but this is a great way to get some exercise in while also expending all that pent up energy. But please do take the activity seriously. You are, after all, taking on the role of party planner. So, towards that end, make sure you follow proper dance party planning procedure. Search Eventbrite for “digital dance party” to get options like this one to have your own live stream home dance party. Then, go ahead and dance!


The key word here is temporary. Sure, if you want, you can make a permanent one. But if not, a temporary one will do. Chalk is a great medium to use as is washable paint. Definitely make sure you test the material on a tiny area of the space you are going to use to make sure it will come off. Leave it on for a week in that area and see if it still comes off before you let the mural process begin. In a pinch you can use a large cardboard from a delivery and tack it to a wall (however you find appropriate for your space) to be your temporary mural. Our kids painted a mural several years ago and we still have it up. First, we asked the kids to pick a theme. Second, they discussed how to execute that theme in art form (i.e., what would it look like). Third, we had them draw the draft of the mural. Fourth, we had them choose colors for it and add the colors to a photocopy of the draft (be sure to use a photocopy so they could try a few different color schemes if they couldn’t decide). Fifth, we introduced them to the concept of scaling up from their piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper to the half wall we gave them to work with. Sixth and finally, they went to work and created a great mural we still enjoy today. Just remember, if you want a temporary mural make sure that’s what it will be by using a medium that will easily come off on material you will still be okay if it doesn’t. I don’t want any of my readers coming back and yelling at me for suggesting this activity!


We all come from varied cultures. Yet, our kids don’t often know anything about their own cultural background until they do a project for school. Here is a lesson plan to help you do this at home now that you have some time. Give your family a chance to explore their cultural heritage in more depth. For some this will start with a DNA test. For others who are more skeptical of using these tests it can simply start with discussing what your family cultures are. Then, as a family, go online or read resources you already have in your home to learn more. For added fun you can have your family make something that embodies your cultures such as a flag, a type of clothing, jewelry, or especially food!


You can probably find a game of Scrabble in your closet. If not, they are easy enough to purchase online. Though I am not convinced it can work, you can try to have two families play in a video chat with identical game boards. Let me know if it does work. Check out the Scrabble website for some great tips and tools. If your family doesn’t want to play with you then play online at the Internet Scrabble Club with other like-minded gamers. When I looked last there were 403 games going on! Be sure not to cheat using a Scrabble wordfinder – unless it is to check if a word someone else is using is a real word.


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