Each day I write this blog I wonder if I will run out of ideas for new activities. Yet we’ve reached 75 and it seems like I am just getting started. I am having so much fun writing these posts and hope you are having fun with the activities!


Find a piece of styrofoam that can fit on a standard piece of copy paper (8 1/2″ x 11″). You will need this styrofoam and a pen with a cap or other blunt pointed instrument. Using the pen cap tip, draw your design on the styrofoam firmly so that there is an indent where you want your pattern to be. In the picture above you can see an example of this. To make your ‘ink’ just apply a thin coat of paint in your desired colors to your new ‘stamp’. Then, go ahead and stamp a blank sheet of paper, preferably cardstock that can absorb the paint without wilting. You can also stamp on a colored paper that will provide a contrast to the ‘ink’ color you are using. When I started this post I had only one idea of how to make a stamp. Then I looked online and realized there are lots of ways to make a stamp. So check out this idea, this idea, and this idea with foam and a cork. No doubt you will find lots more versions if you search online as well.


A walking tour may not seem like a necessity these days, but walking and getting some fresh air definitely are. Some towns have walking tours you can pick up in local stores so you may already have some in your home. If not, there are tons of books providing walking tours of the major cities across the country. Check out some walking tour books at Barnes and Noble. For less well known towns and cities, however, you may find websites that offer walking tours of those neighborhoods. When doing a search just enter “walking tour” and the town/city you are interested in. For example, there is a walking tour of a lovely historic town called Milford in Pennsylvania – a family favorite place to visit which is where I got this idea from. This is great activity to do alone if you need quiet time or with your housemates to get some fresh air and a little exercise while learning a bit of neighborhood history too. If no walking tour exists for your area, consider making your own and sharing it with friends and family or add it to a website of your own!


Well, I should start by saying go buy a pet if you don’t already have one. They are great company especially when you are in your home a lot. The quickest way to start the process is by checking out some online options. Visit The Shelter Project, for example, and just select the type of pet and enter your zip code and you will be introduced to pet options nearby. The information you will find includes everything from their names to details about their personalities. Once you have your pet, then teach them tricks! Here are 5 tricks you can teach your bird. Here are 10 tricks you can teach your cat. Here are a whopping 52 tricks you can teach your dog. It will take a family effort to make any of these tricks happen. Let us know how it goes. We’d love to see a video!


I had some free time, so I decided to check out my privacy settings on Facebook. This was not my first time but I hadn’t done it in about a year. I found 128 advertisers I have clicked on through Facebook (even if only once and only for a moment) that basically Facebook allows to then advertise to me indefinitely. I was wondering why I was getting advertisements from Ruby Love Period Underwear every time I went on Facebook! I had to individually remove access from all of these companies. I also found 169 advertisers that because they had purchased mailing list access from Facebook were able to use my contact info to advertise to me. Many of them have never actually used that option which Facebook cleverly states as something like “No advertisers have used this list on Facebook.” But when you click on the option to not allow them to do so, the wording changes to “No advertisers are able to use this list on Facebook.” There is a big difference between “have” and “are able to” in this context when it comes to your privacy. I know you’re wondering how this could possibly be an ‘activity.’ It took me an hour or more to change all the settings for these nearly 300 companies, so it is definitely time consuming. Plus I took it as an opportunity to gather my children around me to educate them on social media privacy and why it matters. Facebook tries to normalize it and say they are doing you a favor by customizing advertisements to your preferences. Don’t be fooled. The more targeted the advertisements are the more likely you are to buy things you don’t need! To find these settings, within your Facebook page click on the three lines in the upper right –>Settings & Privacy –> Privacy Shortcuts –> Ad Preferences (scroll down) –> Review Your Ad Preferences –> Advertisers and Business. Then check out “Advertisers whose ads you clicked” and “Businesses who uploaded and used a list.” In both of these cases, click on the small “See all” not on the large images. Note that you literally have to click your preferred option for each company. Facebook doesn’t want you to be able to easily shut off these features for all of them with one click or they would lose a lot of money in mailing list sales and advertising.


The game 31 is played with cards and money. The winner is the person who gets closest to 31 in tallying up the cards in their hand without going over 31. The person with the lowest number loses. If someone gets 31, then everyone but that person loses. Normally you would use a dollar bill. Each time you lose you fold over one corner. After four corners are folded you are out of the game. If you have an adult only household, this is a great way to do some mild gambling. If you have kids, this is a great way to teach your young kids math. You can use 4 quarters, 4 dimes, 4 nickels, or 4 pennies to substitute for folding and have the coins go into a ‘pot’ each time someone loses a hand. Each time you can play, you can use a different coin to get kids familiar with the difference in value. For households where gambling is verboten you can use a piece of paper to substitute. To play you start off with three cards each and a card facing up on the table. Each turn you pick up a card from the table (the top card facing up on the discard pile or the top card facing down on the deck) and then put down a card from your hand. If you think you have the highest cards compared to everyone else, you knock on your turn. All the other plays after you get to go one more time. There are other variations of this game to enjoy as well. The winner gets the money!


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