When there is a lot of hum drum going on in your life, it takes that extra effort to add some spice. To help you with that effort check out these 70 activities for you and your family. Not every one may be your favorite, but you are sure to find some activities that you love.


Imagine my amazement when I caught an email from my spouse’s favorite artist, Britto, announcing he was going to live stream an art class. (BTW- you have definitely seen his work before even if you don’t know his name). Here is an artist with a net worth of 20 million taking the time to offer something rare and precious for his fans. Certainly, Britto isn’t the only one offering live stream events for fans looking for something to do. My spouse’s favorite band, They Might Be Giants, offered a live stream concert just last week. Check out DoNYC for a regularly updated list of digital events that can be live streamed from artists like Garth Brooks and Lisa Loeb. Eventbrite offers a great resource to find live stream events. If there are any entertainers or artists that you are a big fan of, now is a great time to follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, and add yourself to their mailing list. You’ll be surprised at how many unique opportunities there are to connect that would never otherwise be available. Most of the time you can even ask questions during the live stream and have them answered in real time!


This is one of the most inexpensive activities you’ll undertake. Buying a kite in a store is inexpensive with kites going for a few dollars (up to much much much more). You can also make one yourself with a simple garbage bag. Here’s how. Never has there been a better time to be outdoors and take advantage of the advice from the song from Mary Poppins:

Let’s go fly a kite
Up to the highest height!
Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let’s go fly a kite!


These days with the advent of social media, more of us are technologically sophisticated and have greater ease of access to affordable equipment. As a result, we are documenting our lives anecdotally and visually perhaps more than ever before. An unintended byproduct of this fascination with documenting the present is that we might overlook our past. In the olden days family stories might be passed down from one generation to the next in an oral history tradition. These days, however, we may have forgotten about our family history while uber-documenting our present. Take this opportunity while everyone may have some extra time on their hands to record your family stories. Perhaps one of your grandparent-generation family members loves telling stories. So much so that people are tired of hearing them. Start with these folks, but then add uncles and aunts and so on. Don’t forget to record your own stories from childhood. For a great example of this see our guest blogger Joe Mosco’s series Taking Stock (on the right sidebar on our front page) with a new post everyday about his life in New York, as a minor league baseball player, and much more. To conduct your own oral history project you needn’t look far online for some great information. Check out these apps you can use to help with your oral history project and this site for some practical tips.


I know this activity doesn’t sound too exciting or original, but wait for it. What if you drew a face somewhere that the entire family had access to it like on a large dry erase board or chalk board? In a pinch use a piece of large cardboard from a delivery box or a paper bag. Put it somewhere very visible and accessible like the kitchen where everyone in your home will see it. Then, leave the markers, crayons, or whatever you used to make the face right next to the picture. You don’t need to do more than that and eventually someone will go ahead and add to the face – usually in a funny way. If you want to egg people on you can write nearby something like “add to me,” “decorate me,” “make a funny face,” etc. Then keep going. If someone hasn’t added anything, you can ask them specifically to add their touch. Take a picture of your collaborative funny masterpiece for posterity and then start again with a new clean base. Once people get into the spirit of this activity, watch as the pictures get funnier and funnier!


Have some fun exploring different bath and beauty products and let the entire family do so too! Not only is it fun but it is a great way to sample products and find one you like the best for your skin/hair type without the investment in a full bottle of a product. This is how my family – with curly hair – found this line of hair products by Living Proof which has been a miracle for our hair (especially the conditioner). You can use all those samples and trial sizes of products you have stored away to use on vacation. If you don’t have trial sizes and samples in your house there are sets you can purchase with lots of options. Search Amazon for “trial size set”. For a curated collection of trial sizes try Sephora Favorites. As another option, try a subscription kit. Sephora’s Play Beauty Boxes and Target’s Beauty Boxes offer great trial size products as a subscription service for about $10 a month. Sephora Play Boxes as well as Target’s Beauty Boxes can be found individually on the sites as well and sometimes on sale! Macy’s comes out with a great trial size set in their 25 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar each year (that goes on sale after the holidays!!). You can rotate who tries what product on each day or just pick your preferred options and report on whether you liked them or not to make a short list for potential future purchases.


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