A wonderful perk of spending lots of time with family is remembering how much we genuinely enjoy their company. Sure there are always issues to contend with, but now is a great time to work through these and find ways to truly enjoy our time together. Towards that end, here are some activities to enjoy!


It’s never too early to start making your Halloween costumes. Homemade costumes require a lot of effort, materials, and forethought. So start now by gathering your family to come up with ideas. Why not decide a theme that all family members can join in on. My family has dressed all as super heroes together for example. Yes, including the adults! Or perhaps the kids can dress together. The picture above shows off my children the year my son came up with the idea to dress as a Hershey’s Kiss. I thought he was crazy. I explained that I didn’t think I could find a costume. The kids very innocently just said I should just make them myself. Well, I took the challenge. They weren’t perfect but it was a lot of fun to make and extremely rewarding to see them walk around in costumes I made for them. Older kids can help with the creation process too! To get some ideas check out the best 159 Of The Most Creative Halloween Costume Ideas Ever.


Now is a great time to learn about American history. Print out the list of presidents from the White House website. Cut each president’s name out and insert all of the names into a bowl. Close your eyes and each person pick one. This would be a great activity over lunch or a snack. Then each person researches their selected president and over dinner discusses what they learned. You can limit it to the non-modern presidents if the family already knows a lot about current politics. If your family is already comprised of history buffs try this version. When each person picks their president, have them tell everyone else what they know about that president. Give a point for each correct answer. If someone doesn’t believe the fact is true, then they can challenge it. The person could lose a point if the ‘fact’ is wrong or the challenger can lose a point if the fact was correct. It’s a fun way to learn a little history and pass the time.


With so much time on your hands, why not indulge with a movie marathon. You can add an educational component by stimulating the storytelling imagination and asking everyone to write down their own alternate ending for the movie they just watched. If you are watching these movies with those who haven’t seen them before, try this version. Have everyone write what they want to happen in the next film in the series before you show it. Then you can compare notes on what really happened versus their idea after you watch it and which you all would have preferred. You can discuss why the different choices were made too. Specifically, try age appropriate movie sagas like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Back to the Future, James Bond, Fast and the Furious, Toy Story, X-Men, Indiana Jones, Rocky, Terminator, Before Sunrise, and the Marvel Comic Universe. You can find these on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Spend the day in your PJ’s, cuddled in blankets, and eating popcorn!


I have seen a few people post pictures of this activity on Facebook. Assign different chores in the house so kids can earn different monetary amounts. Limit the amounts between $1-$3 or less depending on the task. Here are 31 chores children can do. This way kids will earn some money and get some math skills, and the house will get cleaner. For an adult only household or household with older kids you can offer favors instead of money (e.g, one extra drive to a drop off event, one extra errand run, movie of your choice). Money Crashers has a great discussion of the different options available for how to incorporate a chores for money structure into your household. There are lots of other places to get tips online as well. Your house will be cleaner and kids will have a bit of shopping money to buy things that will keep them busy! So it’s a win all around.


Hydroponic gardening is a new trend. Though Epcot Center in Disney World had tours of their advance gardening technique ride with its hydroponic garden (check out the experience for yourself) called Living with the Land which opened in 1982! Fast forward to today and you can try hydroponic gardening yourself at home. You can purchase a kit with all you need included from between $20-$70. Now you can even learn the science behind it with a bare essentials DYI. Check out these amazing hacked versions of hydroponic gardens.


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