The expression about the cup being half full or half empty is apropos these days. Needing to stay around your home seems like an interminable sentence for some. For others, it’s a staycation. We encourage you to think of your time these days as a staycation. Toward that end, we have some fun activities for you to enjoy. But first, let’s get serious for a moment.


The coronavirus is a difficult topic to know how to discuss with children. Yet, it is affecting their lives as much if not more than yours. If you are working from home or still going to work, you have more of a semblance of normalcy than your kids do right now. Don’t delude yourself that them being back in ‘school’ is helping. Engaging in schoolwork online this way is just a reminder of how strange things are right now in their world. You obviously can’t shelter your children from what is going on in the world and at the same time you don’t want to emotionally expose them to all the details. It may not be a fun activity, but with 54 fun activities to choose from on this blog, it’s important to us that your family is informed about the coronavirus and that you have family friendly ways to engage in this 55th activity too. The Child Mind Institute has some tips for how to approach the topic that we encourage you to check out.


I bet you remember Bob Ross, if only by reputation. His show The Joy of Painting aired from 1983-1994. Well, it’s a good time to introduce your children to him. Watch his 30 minute full length painting tutorial videos online. Before you do, don’t forget to purchase a basic paint set so you have his favorite colors handy like cadmium yellow and alizarin crimson. No need to invest in a palette. Take a piece of card board and use this template to create your own (no email sign up required). This way you will have your own in-house art class. Invite friends and family to ‘join’ the class by sending them the link to the episode!


Did you know Ultimate Frisbee is a professional sport? Called Ultimate now, it may even make it into the 2024 or 2028 Olympics. I tried for years to get my daughter into a team sport to no avail. Then, out of nowhere, she came home and informed me she loved Ultimate Frisbee and it’s a team sport! Her interested was peeked by simply playing Frisbee with her on weekends in the backyard or the park. So go to it. Get your kids excited about this unexpected professional team sport!


Forget the campfire in the woods. Instead, enjoy camping in! Pull out those tents or sleeping bags you have for your camping adventures and set them up indoors. Kids will love sleeping in the same room as the rest of the family. In a pinch, make a tent out of your beds or set up a chair tent. Make some s’mores in the microwave and popcorn too! Don’t forget to make up scary stories to share. If you are looking for a campfire substitute to tell stories around, check out this soothing two hour YouTube video of one complete with crackling sounds.


I know. I know. Solitaire is a solitary activity. BUT…learning how to play solitaire isn’t. There are 116 different solitaire games at World of Solitaire that you can play online. They have a great search tool that lets you filter by complexity, duration of game play, odds of winning, and popularity. Additionally, once you start playing on their site they actually let you filter by your own game history for preferences like the games you’ve played most or the games you win most. Once you learn how to play a Solitaire game online then break out the cards and get the ‘feel’ for the games literally so you can play even without your screen. Pick a different game for the family to learn each week. Then, when your family members require some solitude and quiet time, they have a game they can play alone rather than on a screen!


For more great activities check out the fifty ideas we posted yesterday! Read the full post here.


Let us know what you’ve tried, and share some stories with us!