There are so many organizations offering unique events during this strange time that I shouldn’t have been surprised to see even Rutgers University in our alumni magazine offering some fun ones too! (I hadn’t even realized Laurie Berkner was a Rutgers graduate!) Here are the ones they suggested with some extra details added.

275. Take a Music Break with the Laurie Berkner Band

Laurie Berkner is an amazing children’s singer. We even took our kids to listen to her music when they were younger! Enjoy her cool music with your family! Younger kids will love dancing to the fun beats!

274. Enjoy a Workout

Take the time to get in some exercising! Kids love challenging themselves to workout too! We are all laying around not doing much but being on our phones and computers so physical activity is good!

273. Ask a Geologist

Rocks aren’t usually seen as cool, but rocks come from lots of different places and in different shapes, textures, and colors! Some rocks are formed from lava which are called igneous! Talk to a geologist online to find out more cool stuff about rocks!

272. Have a Dance Party

Dancing is fun! Take time to laugh at our family’s silly dance moves and listen to cool music! This former Rutgers student is an amazing DJ so you’ll enjoy this fun dance party virtually with friends too!

271. Take a Tour of the Zimmerli Art Museum

Take a online tour of this cool museum! This museum is different from the rest because it is on a college campus! Look at lots of art that will inspire you and your kids to create art at home.


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