It’s right about now that I’ve finally started really missing getting together with other people. Perhaps its the warm weather. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss seeing random strangers on the street and not being scared of them because I can see their mouths (lol). A long walk every couple of days with a socially distanced friend helps a lot!


There are a lot of places you might prefer to be right now. A vacation to Japan, for example, might be nice. Why not still take that vacation without going anywhere? Pick a day, plan it out in advance (like you would any vacation), and live Japanese culture from your own home! You can do this for any country. Pick your favorite meals from that culture. Croissant and a cappuccino for breakfast in Italy or an entire cheese and meat spread for breakfast in Ecuador. Choose what tourist locations you want to see and find online pictures or – even better – virtual tours! Spend some time in a ‘park’ in your own backyard listening to music from that culture. Remember to dress the part as well! Don’t want to ‘travel’ to a different culture. You can do this for any fun day excursion you would normally take over the summer. My kids love a summer camp called Steve and Kate’s. They would have been in the summer camp for two weeks this summer. Instead, we plan to spend one day enjoying this camp from home. We’ll have some sewing time, some film making, and we’ll find Chucky too!!(Don’t ask). The best part of this activity, is that your vacation destination needn’t be anything real. So you can look into different party themes to get some ideas and buy supplies to have your pirate day or baseball day. Your day can even be out of this world! This type of a full day event takes some planning so set the day in advance. But if you plan it well it will be the next best thing to being there and your family will greatly appreciate it!!!


Have your friends and family members been telling you about the great podcasts they have been listening to? Now that you might have some more time, why not check some out? If you are new to podcasts like me, you’ll want some ideas to get you started. Here are 11 to start with. Are you an avid reader and looking for your next new book, check out this book oriented podcast! Check out the plethora of podcast suggestions offered by these popular magazines that might steer you in the right direction:


For some quick and easy fun while also being productive and saving money create a card with Disney characters! The process itself is pretty fun, especially for kids. But frankly it’s a great way to save yourself a trip to the store and the cost of those expensive Disney character cards. Minnie Mouse, and Disney Junior characters get to be the focal point of the card but your can add other Disney characters as well as well in this easy to use online card-making tool!


You’ll be surprised at how relevant sports is to what other things are going on in the world. Learn about how athletes like Babe Ruth played a roll in earlier pandemics. Learn more about sports in history at this thorough site. Check out some amazing sport moment montages on YouTube.


Now that summer is finally here, take advantage of it. Sure going to big gatherings may not work ideal right now. But take a lawn chair and o enjoy the sun in your backyard or at a local park socially distanced from others. Summer won’t last forever so enjoy it while you can… and remember the sunscreen!


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