I am truly having too much fun coming up with the activities for this site! I hope you will enjoy doing them as much as I am enjoying writing about them.


A lot of kids like to draw. Sometimes, though, they get bored of drawing the same things and can’t think of what else to draw. This is when an art prompt comes in handy. There are lots of art prompts you can use to motivate your children like this list of 100 Silly Drawing Prompts. Today my kids came up with their own and I knew I had to share it. They decided to make people out of a toy set they own of creatures called Zelfs (very reminiscent of the Troll dolls from my childhood and the recent movie franchise). It turned out to be a fun and thoughtful project as they had to figure out what part of the Zelf to change and how to bring out the human characteristics while minimizing the Zelf characteristics yet still maintaining the personality of the toy. This art prompt would work for most any toy your child would want to transform. Think of your child’s favorite truck turned into a person or consider even a rubix cube becoming a human version of itself. BTW- this is fun for adults also. Imagine making a person out of your favorite lipstick, your television, or a kitchen utensil!


I only started reading e-books a short while ago and lamented having to pay full price for a digital version of a book written a hundred years ago (I love the classics). My spouse introduced me to Gutenber.org. Boasting over 60,000 free e-books, I was easily able to find kid friendly classics like Anne of Green Gables (1908) and The Secret Garden (1911). These timeless classics still resonate today and are charming enough to be great read aloud books for bedtime. Not sure what to pick from the vast collection, check out their daily list of the Top 100 E-Books Yesterday.


No matter how small your home, there is always a creative place a child will find to hide. Hide and Seek is simple. All players but one are given a set time to hide (10-60 seconds depending on how large the space) and the one remaining person seeks them out. Then take turns being the seeker. Set some ground rules for the game like boundaries for what is off limits and clarifying what counts as a safe place to hide. A common rule that should be decided in advance is whether once you are found you help find the others or not. Also make sure there are rules for when a seeker wants to give up looking for someone who has hid too well. This is a great game to play with any number of people and works indoors or outdoors if you have the space. Make sure the adults play too! If you become bored of the traditional game of Hide and Seek try one of these four variations.


Time capsules give us a chance to understand timelines and appreciate our history as well as be thoughtful about the legacy that we will leave to those who come after us. Time capsules provide a fun and educational bonding opportunity for your family. Here are four steps to creating a time capsule. First, show this one-minute clip from the popular PBS cartoon Arthur. It gives a simple introduction to the idea and goals of a time capsule. Second, discuss how many years from now you would want someone to open your time capsule, who you might expect to find it, what container you should use, and where it should be placed for safe keeping until then. Third, make a list of 5-10 items you think should be included in your time capsule. Check out this list for ideas. In addition to the items you include, make sure to add some information about the world in 2020. Use these amazingly helpful printables from PersonalCreations.com (no email sign up required!). Fourth, put your time capsule together and store it for posterity!


When my kids were much younger, I came across a live stream of a condor nest in New York City on top of a building. My kids and I were obsessed. We made it a part of our daily schedule and watched regularly until the eggs hatched. This type of ‘bird’s eye’ view of animals gives you a sense of being outdoors even when you are cooped up and can provide a much needed daily routine to look forward to every day. Do you prefer sea life, birds, or animals. Check out a few of the amazing options at the links below. Each leads you to multiple webcam options of different creatures. Which one will become your family’s new obsession?


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Let us know what you’ve tried, and share some stories with us!