After so much time being home, it seems we are all settling in to the new normal. We are finding our routines. Coming to grips with what is acceptable for us in our risk tolerance. Finding things to do to occupy our time that otherwise would be spent commuting, traveling, visiting, and generally lollygagging. I’m here to provide some activities to get you out of your routine. Experiment. Try something different. Take the opportunity now to go outside your comfort zone. There’s no better time than now.


There are so many awe-inspiring buildings in the world. Discover the key feature that makes these beautiful buildings what they are…math, without which “Architecture Could Get Ugly.” Check out these 10 Amazing Examples of Architecture Inspired by Mathematics. Architecture and math are intimately connected and there are articles after articles explaining why especially when it comes to math and modern architecture. If you want just the basics, this site lists five simple reasons why math is integral to architecture.


I have to say I am very excited to have found this resource. I have been wanting to watch some new entertainment for a while and had no idea that BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) had so many recently released independent films and documentaries available for free. In addition, they have interviews with various artists and celebrities. Enjoy!!!


Now is as great a time as any to familiarize yourself and your family with best practices for emergency scenarios. I remember a trip to Epcot where my son and I were accidentally separated from my husband and my daughter on the way out of the park when the park closed among the throng of people leaving. Both of our cell phones had no battery. The kids had no cell phones. We came by car and I didn’t know where we parked but I had the keys. We had no meet up plan for what to do if we got separated. It was a miserable experience on which to end an otherwise magical day. When we finally met up we were relieved but it involved a lot of cursing. So make sure you have emergency protocols in place for you and your family. The resources and activities available from the FDNY are relevant regardless of where you live and with their mascots and child friendly tools to help your family be prepared for many types of emergency scenarios these resources are fun and kid friendly. For more resources check out their homepage at #FDNYSmart. To help you know what to expect in an emergency, take a brief four-minute virtual tour of EMS so your family know more about what emergency personnel do and the equipment they use. The more prepared you and your family are, the more familiar everyone will be in case of an emergency. It’s really interesting to see what these amazing folks do to make sure we are healthy and safe!


Check out the NASA schedule for the launches that take place on a surprisingly regular basis. For example, in the last two months I have caught three launches. Today and tomorrow there are a lot of launch related events being aired live including the launch itself. You may think this is for kids – which of course it can be very motivational for them – but it’s jut as fascinating for adults! If you are the type who likes to watch documentaries or read history related books, this is for you!! Make it an event with popcorn, Tang, and related activities like making your own astronaut costume like these! Today and tomorrow are especially exciting as there is a launch scheduled today, Wednesday May 26th, at 4:33pm EST and a docking scheduled tomorrow, Thursday May 27th, at 11:39am. [LAUNCH RESCHEDULED FOR SATURDAY! SEE THE NASA WEBSITE SCHEDULE ONLINE FOR DETAILS]


Your newfound time provides lots of opportunity to start exploring the options for hobbies available to you. Although hobbies can preoccupy your life and cost lots of money, there are great benefits. According to there are many reasons to start a hobby:

  • To play and relax 
  • To sharpen my mind 
  • For personal growth, enrichment and emotional health 
  • For better physical health 
  • Learning a useful skill
  • Socializing and making new friends
  • Making extra money

Local Adventurer lists 101 hobbies for you to consider! Even if it is a hobby that requires your being social or going to places that are now closed, you can spend your time now preparing and planning. Get yourself in physical shape to be ready to begin this hobby. Start planning your budget and saving money to be able to afford it once those relevant spaces open up again. Talk to friends and family who share the hobby or will be impacted by the hobby (so much for that spare room!) and discuss the commitment it entails. Need some inspiration? Check out the hobbies of the richest people in the world! Do you see hobbies as a waste of time? Check out the hobbies that the most successful people in the world engage in and maybe you’ll change your mind.


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