Today’s activities involve a lot of seemingly art-oriented projects. You’ll be surprised to know that these are actually also science-y, literature’y and math-y too! Also, they are definitely adult friendly and lots of fun! Check them out and enjoy!!


Sure. This sounds like an art project. But it has a science element also. And it’s all around fun even for adults. If you have lots of random pieces of crayons lying around then it is very satisfying for those of us with a more Type A personality. You can buy crayon making kits online with the equipment so that they come out looking like crayons. But I wouldn’t waste your money unless you plan to give these as gifts and want them to look like pretty close to prefect crayon shapes (they will with the kit!). If you do want to make them as gifts then remember to add your own crayon labels! If you aren’t giving them as gifts, then this is an easy enough project in an oven. You can even use molds (that are heat safe) to make them any shape you want. Don’t want to use an oven, you can melt them in the sun by putting extremely small pieces in cookie cutters on a paper plate and cover it with aluminum foil. To get the pieces small from larger crayons, you can put the crayons in a plastic bag and hammer them. If you are having so much fun with the crayons that you don’t want to stop, then try this crayon related project my kids made on vacation one year.


Have some fun with vegetables and use them in a new way! You can do this with fresh corn as arguably the coolest way to use vegetables with art by rolling the paint dipped corn on a paper. However, you may not want to waste food on an art project right now. There are other parts of our veggies that we usually discard that can produce just as cool art prints. Try the bottom of a celery stalk. Guess what the print will look like? (hint- it’s a flower). Use the discarded core of an apple to make fun designs. Try rolling the outside of citrus fruit to make a cool speckled design. If you find a pattern you like you can take a plain light colored wood frame and add your new veggie inspired print in your preferred color to the frame to give that boring frame some pizzazz!


Use these awesome templates here and here to make your own boxes out of any printed paper you want. Take paper, print your design on it including anything from trains, dinosaurs, to math equations and flowers that you can find online or draw one, then put that paper in the printer again and print the box template. Then cut and glue accordingly to have a box in that pattern. Amp up the educational value by discussing geometric shapes, 3-dimensional objects, and so forth. Clearly, this isn’t just for kids. Follow this process using card stock and you’ll have boxes to use for actual gift giving. Check out pre-printed patterns like these in a Minecraft theme (search Minecraft Box Template) to see just how fun seemingly simple boxes can be. Just right click on the image of your preferred box, click open image in new tab, and print the image in that new tab. Make sure the image will print big enough to be useful and if not move on to another image. Change the search term to another theme to see if there are other pre-printed boxes you might like.


It’s sometimes difficult to think of creative and interesting ways to get your cardio workout in and your heart pumping fast when you are stuck at home. A simple internet search of staircase exercises gets you over 3 million hits! So there is no shortage of options for how to use your staircase to get in your workout time at home. No stairs in your living space? Well, while the joggers and bicyclists are on the best scenic routes in your town, you can be taking in the fresh air at the many overlooked and underutilized outdoor public staircases nearby to get yourself in shape!


Want to write your memoir? A letter to a dear friend? Just want to write your grocery or to do list? Make the experience that much more special by creating your own ink in any color you want from scratch with this ink recipe! Want to add an element of surprise in your letters to loved ones or play a practical joke, make invisible ink with this invisible ink recipe!!!


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