Staying home with the kids every day around the clock for nearly a week is not the easiest thing we have done. Add trying to get the kids to do homework and that makes it that much harder. Nonetheless, the overarching philosophy of our household is enjoying our time together, even if that means reading less than they should, making quicker and easier meals, etc. A major positive to being stuck in your home is being able to enjoy the time with your loved ones. Here are 15 ways to do that!


Sometimes you have the materials in your house for arts and crafts. Sometimes you need to order them. I remember making a dollhouse out of cardboard boxes and doll clothes out of paper towels when I was young. This is still a fun pastime today and there are some amazing tutorials online. In addition, there are some much more advanced miniature sets you can purchase for those with the money and patience to put them together. A company called Robotime puts together a phenomenal set not for those who are easily deterred. Make it a family affair and do a little bit every few days. The beauty of the sets are not only in how amazing they look when finished and how great the attention to detail is (they have actual lights that work!!!), but also in how Robotime has thought of EVERYTHING. They include all the materials and tools you could need except glue, which they are unable to ship and are very apologetic about in their written materials. I recommend Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue because of the ultra fine tip. Putting a kit like this together provides a great opportunity for children to learn about ratios, measurement, attention to detail, and patience. It’s great for households with children at various ages. For smaller households and households with younger children, prepping materials ahead of time (e.g., cutting using the included patterns) makes the process much smoother. The sets are available from Amazon easily but currently on their homepage they are having a 20%+ off sale on many of the sets.

14. JUMP

We all feel stir crazy sometimes. Perhaps for adults it’s because of too much coffee or our nerves getting the best of us. For kids it’s their natural high energy levels. Regardless, jumping can be just the thing we need. Jumping Jacks are an easy fix. Make it interesting by having a contest of who can do the most or setting a timer to see how many each of you can do in a fixed time period. For a nostalgic treat try other jumping games some of which you might remember from your childhood like Leap Frog and Hopscotch. As another option bring out that jump rope you have stored away in a closet or bin somewhere. You can even make one yourself as its own project! Jump roping is an adult activity too. There are a plethora of adult jump rope routines online so you can even start that new workout routine.


If we had unlimited time with our families we would probably stroll through museums and leisurely walk around enjoying the most iconic images and priceless works of art in the world. Now that we seem to have unlimited time with our family, we can’t necessarily get to these museums. So, enjoy the next best thing. Parents Magazine announced that twelve renown international museums are hosting virtual tours. Share some screen time with your family and virtually take a stroll through these amazing museums around the world.

  • British Museum, London
  • Guggenheim Museum, New York
  • National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
  • Musée d’Orsay, Paris
  • National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul
  • Pergamon Museum, Berlin
  • Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
  • Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
  • The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
  • Uffizi Gallery, Florence
  • MASP, São Paulo
  • National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City


When your family feels like a snack, why not make it from scratch? Making pickles is super easy and they taste even better over time so you can make a lot of them. Recycle one of your old jars (cleaned well) to store them. The kids can make a fun label too! When you are all done wrap a ribbon around the jar as a finishing touch for that homemade look. Recipes abound on the internet. offers three recipes listing the ingredients and recipe in an easy to view format and has videos too! The best part is that these three recipes incorporate relatively basic ingredients so you may already have them around the house!


Teach your kids about civic engagement by sitting down together to complete the census. Explain to them its importance and why it is a civic responsibility to complete it. Of course, you may want to educate yourself about why the census is important if it’s a mystery to you too. BTW- If you are not sure if you already took the extremely short census survey, go ahead and take it again. The census bureau will eliminate redundant entries on their end. The last census was woefully under-completed because there was a nationwide gap in knowledge about the census. This resulted in cities and states being underfunded. With so much free time on our hands now is the perfect opportunity to make sure we all do our part. Take the survey, become more aware of why it’s important, and encourage others to take it as well. According to the Census Bureau, “The census is only 10 questions, takes about 10 minutes, and will shape NYC’s future for the next 10 years. Fill out the 2020 Census now!” There are two other things you can do to help the cause as well. First, post about the 2020 census on social media and use our hashtag #GetCountedNYC. Second, join a citywide text-bank event. The NYC Census is looking for partners to host text-bank events for a citywide text-a-thon day of action on 3/22 (Sunday) or 3/23 (Monday). To sign up fill out this easy form. Click for more information and seemingly unlimited materials that you can read and share.


For more great activities check out the ten ideas we posted yesterday! Read the full post here.


Let us know what you’ve tried, and share some stories with us!