Life is about challenging ourselves. Imagine how boring things would be if we only did the things we already did and never tried anything new, anything more complicated, or anything to improve ourselves. Today’s five Things to Do, for a total of 145, are about challenging yourself a bit more than usual.


Take some time to check all the rumors you have heard about this Coronavirus. There has never been a better time to teach your family about fact versus fiction. With so much information being circulated though word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter, legitimate news sources, not legitimate news sources, there is a lot to sort through. Freshen up on your fact checking skills with these tips. When I am not sure if something is accurate, I always check. My go-to sources to find out whether something is true are:

For more fact checking sources visit this site and this one.


Get some exercise by dancing!! Check out Cora’s 30-minute free online dance classes. To feel inspired to create your won dance routine watch the amazing Alvin Ailey’s performances (free though usually extremely expensive to attend in person). Not interested in these dance options. Try Wii Just Dance (or similar gaming program). It’s fun for everyone and competitive to get more invested. Plus, it does give you that dose of exercise!

143. BE A KID

Check out these nostalgic and, yet, still very much modern, companies that offer online games, activities, coloring pages, and so forth for kids of all ages. Indulge in being a kid again yourself by exploring these silly sites with classic characters reminiscent of your childhood that are still relatable to your kids too. Check out these sites for kids: American Girl Doll Play, LEGO Kid Zone, and #DisneyMagicMoments. If these aren’t your favorites, go to the websites of your favorite major toy brands and no doubt they have interesting fun sites set up too! Take this as an opportunity to talk about what these toys were like in different generations. I still remember, for example, my first lego set and Barbie doll!


Ok. I know. You will think I am crazy. But have some fun as a family creating your own presentation with Prezi (free). It’s a great experience for kids and young adults who may have no idea about presentation software like Powerpoint. It is even more useful for adults who may have been using Powerpoint and never knew Prezi existed. I recall seeing a student do a Prezi presentation for the first time and I think I may have given them an A grade JUST because it was such a cool presentation (that I unknowingly gave them credit for instead of giving credit to the tool itself)! Creating a presentation with slides – but in a more dynamic format as you can achieve with Prezi – helps you organize your thoughts and add great visual effects all for the cause of increasing your chances of being more effective persuasively. Take a topic you actually need to present about, one you already presented about in a PowerPoint, or create a fun Prezi based on a silly topic the family comes up with just to practice. Using a tool like this for a presentation is a skill set everyone needs to learn. Imagine the advantage you would give your kids in school and in their chosen professions by taking the time to learn this now with them!


Have fun with art projects that focus on the mini. How small can you make something? My daughter, for example, is an expert at making infinitesimal cootie catchers. My son can make a million tiny origami frogs. Prefer 2D instead of 3D then simply take a pen and paper and try to draw the smallest faces you can make that are still identifiable. Not feeling challenged enough? Consider how small you must work to make these outstanding microscultptures in an eye of a needle or amazing art on a grain of rice like Chen Forng-Shean or Vladimir Aniskin.


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