Looking to the future, to the past, and to what is beyond our own immediate physical experience around us is invaluable when we are stuck at home. Here are 110 activities to give you something to do beyond this moment and the confines of the physical space you are in right now.


Okay, this requires spending a bit of money. But, with such limited options of what you can do when you are stuck at home it’s reasonable to consider. Plus, think of all the money you might be saving on not eating out, not buying expensive coffees, not going to the movies, and so forth. Additionally, this is a gift that can be kept in your family for generations so think of it as a longer term investment. After all, how much does telescope technology change over time? To get started with finding the right telescope check out How to Buy Your First Visual Telescope. Use reviews and comparison information to determine which telescope to purchase. They sell for as little as $45 and as much as thousands so definitely do your research. Remember each night to find out what’s exciting to look at in the night sky.


Walt Disney World is one of my happy places. I would be planning my next trip there right now if it weren’t for being home bound. Disney Land must be just as wonderful and magical too! For a virtual vacation, go ahead and ‘plan’ your trip. Decide what rides you want to take by checking out this list (or similar) of the top rides at Disney World or the top rides at Disney Land. Then search online for videos of the rides you want to take. Ideally, cast these from your phone or computer to your TV screen. For example, you can ride Thunder Mountain. This is a great way to feel like you are on a family vacation without leaving your house. If you are planning a trip to Disney, keep in mind to give a spoiler alert for those in the family who like the surprise of not knowing what a ride is like before they actually ride it..


Since the 18th century people have played Charades for indoor entertainment. To find out how to play check here. Remember to familiarize yourself with the rules of the Charades. To help prepare you for your own game, watch this video of a hysterical game of Charades with Steve Carell and Ellen.


If you haven’t been in an Escape Room, this activity will make a bit less sense. They are hard to conceptualize without being in one. It was nothing like what I expected when I went in. It was WAY more FUN!!! Even if you haven’t been in one, I recommend giving this a try. It’s so much fun and a definite challenge! My spouse made one for my daughter’s birthday last year and her and her friends loved it! Although you could dedicate an entire room to the project, you don’t need to. It’s less about the props and ambiance and more about the puzzle. If you are stuck on a theme, here are 101 escape room ideas to consider. To get you started check out these very simple and clear instructions about how to create your own escape room from LockPaperScissorsGo.com and Escape-Kit.com. If you don’t want to make one yourself, you can try this subscription service to get them delivered to your door with everything you need.


Some materials are scarce now. Some difficult to live without. I don’t want to see a world, for example, without toilet paper. Also, I haven’t been willing to completely give up paper towels which I find so incredibly handy for cleaning of small spills (though I now use dish towels for bigger ones). Otherwise, our household has come a long way to eliminate our reliance on disposable products. Spend some time with your family to brainstorm how you can wean yourself off of disposables. The rewards are definitely worth it. You won’t be as worried about going to the grocery store or shortages. As a bonus you would be helping the environment and saving money too! Here are some things we did that were surprisingly easy. We converted from paper napkins to cloth napkins that match our kitchen theme. We no longer use dryer sheets and instead use reusable dryer balls which you can even infuse with a drop of essential oil. If you don’t want to spend the money, you can create your own replacement for dryer sheets with an aluminum foil ball. We don’t use paper plates or paper/plastic cups anymore (and are grateful for our dishwasher). Thanks to new shopping bag laws – whether we like it or not – we are bringing our own reusable bags to the supermarket. This makes carrying groceries easier though since you can use a backpack and don’t have to worry about bags breaking on the way. We moved towards bulk sized items so we don’t use as many disposable containers. This is easier if you have a Costco or BJ’s membership. To get a larger variety of shampoo and conditioner than you can find at either, search for salon sizes in your preferred brand so you get a 33.8 oz rather than the typical 13oz. The best bulk item I have found though is this Clorox Wipes bin of 700 wipes!


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