Now more than ever you deserve a treat. Sure, finances may be tight, but you can always find a small way to treat yourself! Remember to find small important ways to give a treat to those around you too. An extra hug, cooking a meal when you don’t usually, sending a homemade card, or an extra kind word go a long way to giving someone else an extra special treat.


The weather is getting a bit warmer, and will continue to. So if your mind starts fantasizing about ice cream the way it does for my husband and daughter, then try this treat out. Forget the ice cream stores which are likely closed just now. Instead set yourself up to have your own ice cream sundae counter. Check out this ice cream sundae bar checklist for items to buy. If you are feeling creative, indulge in this absolutely decadent list of 50 recipes for ice cream toppings you can make at home from the Food Network. For fun check out a ranked list of the top ice cream toppings to see where your favorite stands among the other greats of ice cream notoriety. If you prefer a healthy choice check out some healthier ice cream options to see which is right for you. Have the kids pick out their preferred toppings and maybe a couple they always wanted to try or would consider – it’s a great time to try new flavors especially if the kids are picky.


One of my favorite places to take the kids when they were in the 6-10 year old range was the Swedish Cottage in Central Park for a marionette performance. The theater is beautiful and before or afterwards they sometimes have the performers discuss the art of puppetry. These types of performances are extremely rare around the world with only a few troupes still performing on a regular basis. More recently, though, puppetry has had some visibility, for example, through the popular show Victorious (2010-2013) with a puppet character Rex Powers. Marionette puppets are surprisingly expensive but definitely can be purchased along with lots of books on the topic. You can build your own hand puppet as well by custom designing with check boxes online at a place like Luna Puppets. You can also make your own with simple straightforward instructions you can find online like these simple puppet instructions. In a pinch you can make a sock puppet with an old sock and a permanent marker for the eyes or go more extravagant with this 10-minute 3-step instructions. One day you can work on the puppets. Then the next day create your stage from wood or cardboard. Then write your puppet play and perform it to your very eager audience!


Choose from these common words or put them in a bowl and pick one each day. Then, whenever the word of the day is spoken it has to be said in a funny way. If you forget to say it in a funny way, then others in your house can catch you and make you re-say it ‘correctly.’ You can have lots of fun with this. It is the kind of activity that lasts a long time since it applies any time the word is said. Wait til you have to say the word of the day on the phone with someone who doesn’t know what you are doing or, even funnier, a video chat!


While you are stuck at home, why not enjoy some humor. Check out these funny strategies used around the world to get people to behave safely and civilly. Take some time to find humor in these timely memes. Gather your family around and enjoy! Remember to also help spread the word about mask safety by sharing these cute and funny signs to encourage others to wear masks.


Try these 100 brain teasers for kids and adults (with answers included). Try these brain teaser games. Buy these brain teaser puzzles online. Read these 8 puzzle, logic, and brain teaser books. These will keep you and your household occupied. Brain teasers provide hours and hours of (frustrating?) fun. You may be surprised too to see who in your household solves them!


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