So sorry to report that I had a bad night last night, too much a-fib had me wake up 3am very dizzy… put cold compresses on my head to decrease the dizziness and pain and eventually fell back to sleep. Woke up feeling like I went 15 rounds with Mike Tyson and he got the best of me! So no story today! hope to come back tomorrow. Stay Safe !

I didn’t mean to alarm my friends. What I described above is “normal” for me due to the side effects of all the meds I take. Due to my lifestyle for 76 years, I have a-fib and my doctors know my symptoms well and have assured me that my blood thinner will prevent a stroke… just need to ride out the foggy head one more day and I will feel like 45 years old again… all is well… just too tired to work hard to produce today’s story. Thanks for your concern……… my a-fib has gone away to come again another day……and all is well today! Thanks again!

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