DAY #21:
I am so proud to call myself an INDEPENDENT and not a democrat or a republican…. only because our political leaders and government officials from BOTH parties, as far as I am concerned are putting their POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS ahead of the AMERICAN PEOPLE…. the behavior of both parties has been a disgrace!….. instead of pulling us “all together” to beat this virus with the LEAST amount of DEATHS…… they are “posturing” for our votes in the coming Presidential Election coming up this NOVEMBER 3rd….. what the heck happened to ONE NATION UNDER GOD ??? …….. Please, I beg of you, make sure you go VOTE on Tuesday Nov. 3rd……. and please keep in mind we are “ONE NATION” matter what the politicians say, ..until this virus is over……let’s “stick together” so we don’t get or give this virus to others. and when we finally defeat it, we can go back to screaming and yelling at each other as we try to convince each other as to why our political party is the “best”. or you can chose to be like me: AN INDEPENDENT thinker and not part of the flock of democratic sheep….or ….republican sheep…….

Enough … “getting off my chest” …. I am guilty of watching too much news on tv today and all it did was make me more mad and more disgusted with our politicians of “both parties” ……. so let’s get back to more of my pleasant memories…..

Back to J.U. I go, …. great Freshman year memories. I ran and won for Freshman Class President….. first and last time in politics for me…. what a mistake…..but I thought it might look good on my resume’……wrong ! …… took 14 credits each semester and 4 credits in the 8 week spring session which was required by me to complete the baseball season……. it felt good to know I was in the lineup every day as the leadoff hitter and right or left fielder……then I went home for the summer to a great job at James Center…..time flew by so fast and before I could blink my eyes, it was back to J.U. for my Sophomore year. I learned very fast that it was very important to take the “right teachers” for all the required courses….. I made a “book” on the teachers who were generous with their grades, didn’t put me to sleep in their classes, etc..etc… and the teachers to “avoid”, the tough graders, and the blustery orators, who loved hearing themselves “pontificate”. I got so good at it and learned so much on my Freshman Registration Day, that the word got around campus to all the incoming students and the sophomore students, if your not sure of what classes to take or what teachers to take, “go ask Joe Mosco”…… so I became a defacto counselor on the days leading up to Registration Day. and of course, I made sure to get the classes I wanted before the got closed out, I was the FIRST Student on Line, at Registration. no fooling around here….. in fact now that I am thinking about it, I now know why I am at the front of the line for spring training baseball tickets at JetBlue Park and Hammond Stadium for the RedSox and Twins tickets….my discipline to be first on line comes from back in my college Registration Days. my friend Pickle, who sells all the tickets I buy is very grateful for the great seats I get him which command big bucks on the secondary market…. and he repays me in full as he drives me all over the state to Miami Heat basketball games, regular season Tampa Buccaneers NFL games, Tampa Rays games (this would have been my 4th Opening Day in a row), Miami Marlin games, and spring training baseball in all the cities on the West Coast of Florida (8 cities in a 2&1/2 hour drive from Fort Myers (2 teams in F.M.), and before the virus hit us, we went to the East Coast to sell tickets and see the NY Mets play the St. Louis Cardinals in Port Saint Lucie….but the Pickle story is for a future Day….. back to my sophomore year…. I got all the teachers I wanted, I also got a private room with my own bathroom and shower, as I applied and was chosen by the Dean, to be a “Resident Assistant”, which meant that I was in charge of my side of one of the floors of the dormitory. I had the master key to all the rooms (in case guys got locked out), and in those days no women were allowed in the Men’s Dorms and vice versa…. I had to keep the noise down, when it was study time, etc. simple terms I was a “dorm cop”. What a culture shock from Mulberry St. where we had a stand up tub in the kitchen and put newspapers on the floor to wash my body each night, however the tap and shower water in the Arlington section of Jacksonville, where J.U. was located, smelled like rotten eggs….sulpher water sucks! but I got used to it like everybody else did when you have no choice… my baseball season went well but remember because I played baseball in the 8 week spring session of 1963, it used up a year of eligibility… so the 63-64 freshman season was my 2nd year of eligibility and now my 64-65 sophomore season was my 3rd year of eligibility…. so my scholarship would end in the 65-66 junior year! ….so I began to plan for what I would have to do to pay for my senior year with no baseball scholarship…..and my first step was to become an R.A. which gave me a “free” room and one meal a day in the cafeteria….it sure came in handy in my senior year…… my sophomore year (year #3 in eligibility on the baseball team) was a very good year, I learned a lot the first two seasons, and becoming close friends with the guys from NY & NJ, who were now on the team, was a “godsend” for me! ….being the shortest guy on the team caught the eye of the sports writer, Darrell Simmons who covered our team for one of the 2 Jacksonville newspapers, The Jacksonville Journal. towards the end of the 64-65 season he featured me in one of his articles… a big headline said: WHO’S ON ? PROBABLY MOSCO and below the headline was a “head shot” of me in my J.U. hat and under the picture it said:

. . . Man On Base

The article then went on to say how when Florida State plays J.U. today, chances are better then 50-50 that Joe Mosco will get on base……. I won’t bore you with the rest of this (fantastic but surprising) article about me…but I was in shock with happiness when I read it, I cut it out, made copies of it, (I am looking at it right now) as I write this….. the article went on to say that my ON BASE PERCENTAGE was .506 ! which at the time, with the number of at bats I had put me # 1 for all the colleges in the state…..however our team had a horrific year, we were 8 wins and 26 loses and Coach Bob Daughton, flew the coop, as they say, to Ashville, North Carolina…….. “good riddance”, me and my teammates said to each other…… he was a nice guy but a lousy coach….. he clearly gave up on us, he would sneak his smokes behind the bench (we had no dugouts, no stadium in those early days of J.U.) we sat in the sun, because he gave the 3rd base shady side to the Visiting Teams. we had a much better team then our horrible record indicated. our first baseman, Charlie Matthews, graduated and he became our Coach-Manager, for the next season, ’65-’66, which would be my final year of eligibility…… and, I am happy to say it was a fantastic and memorable year for J.U. baseball…..
……but that’s tomorrow’s story !


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