DAY #2:  as predicted, now that testing has finally begun we can now see how serious this virus is…… hard to watch or listen to the news today but it is as expected….. I have thought about what a great “escape” sports are… they transform us to a stress free state…. and allow us to escape from even ourselves….. upon quiet reflection, with no sports to escape to,…. I can now appreciate how lucky I am to be “my own best friend”. by that I mean that over the years of trying to live a good life, helping others in my work and in my private life, I have come to “love who I am”…. so now that I am in semi-isolation for who knows how long… it’s a great feeling to be alone with myself for long periods of time…… I feel sorry for those people who are running away from themselves because they don’t like what they see..being in isolation for them is like a death sentence…. so on day 2:  I wish all my dear facebook friends will look in the mirror and give themselves a big hug and say outloud ” I love you”…… always remember — tough times make for tough people — “this too shall pass and we will be better off for it….. so let’s weather the storm together……..

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