“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”             

–Mother Teresa

As we come out of the holiday weekend I hope all celebrants had Seder and Good Friday and Easter Sunday commemoration and celebrations that were filled with love, even if remote measures were necessary to bring all those you love safely together. 

Love matters, love teaches. The idea that we leave all those who come into contact with us, in reach of our hearts, happier, more loved and supported afterwards, is powerful with potential. If they do, we will as well. It is raining here in NYC this morning. Sirens tear the patter and drum of the rain. We hear the sirens all the time these days, every few minutes. The death toll in my city will go past 7000 today. It grows in hot spots and in those not so hot. Here, throughout the country, and around the world. These are tough times and love is more necessary than ever. Love of self and love of others is staying home.

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