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Monday’s Thought – with Rick Larios (7/2

Monday’s Thought – with Rick Larios (7/27/20)

“Books are funny little portable pieces of thought.”            –Susan Sontag A lovely description of books and why they are good companions, even in a pandemic. Read yesterday’s Thought. Thought of the Day (TOD) is selected by Rick Larios, Monday-Friday, minus public holidays and an arbitrarily chosen summer vacation. Saturday and […]


There are so many organizations offering unique events during this strange time that I shouldn’t have been surprised to see even Rutgers University in our alumni magazine offering some fun ones too! (I hadn’t even realized Laurie Berkner was a Rutgers graduate!) Here are the ones they suggested with some extra details added. 275. Take […]

Friday’s Thought – with Rick Larios (7/2

Friday’s Thought – with Rick Larios (7/24/20)

Still by Rae Armantrout Once we believed the bees, moving as attention does, settling and lifting  from blue identicals, were the picture of eternity.*Practiced hands knitting, hole by hole, a great, shapeless scarf. Mind on something else.*A scarf? Something intensive. seen from afar. Something long             –from Versed (Wesleyan University Press, 2009) The […]