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A few weeks ago I realized I had a random can of cranberry sauce, found a frozen pumpkin pie in my fridge, and, well, I always have lots of biscuit ingredients in my home. So, I went ahead and bought a big bird to finish off the holiday meal. There we were in March having our Thanksgiving meal more than half a year early. Turns out, it was delicious. Why wait until the holiday comes – once a year! You have some time now to make a feast. So why not? Gather the family to help with the chopping, mixing, baking, and cooking. Now is as good as ever to share around the table what it is that you feel thankful for. And if you don’t incorporate that tradition into your Thanksgiving feast, now is a great time to start. Go ahead and use the fancy dishes too!


Kids love to pretend to be superheroes. Nurture that spirit of wanting to save the day. There are plenty of expensive superhero costumes you can buy. Superhero costumes are just as easy to make at home. . . if you are not too particular in which superhero. All you need is a mask and a cape. First, however, sit down with your family and ask them what superpower they would like to have if they could have any. Second, help them envision what their superhero costume would look like. What are their superhero colors? What are their superhero symbols? With our kids we like to tell them their superpowers are things they are good at related to their school acumen. For example, my daughter’s superpower is being able to adapt herself quickly to the needs of a situation (i.e., she is amazing at adapting to feedback). Funny or imaginary powers are just as appropriate as real ones. Third, have them come up with their superhero backstory. Where did they come from? How did they get their power? What is their goal? What is thwarting their goal (e.g., evil villain, etc)? Fourth, now that they know more about themselves as a superhero, design and make the mask. You can create your own mask free hand, use one from an old Halloween costume, or use a template online like these four you can download from First Palette (no sign up required). If your kids are stuck on the famous superheroes then use these printable masks instead (email sign up required). You can use paper, cardstock, paper plates, or felt for the base of the mask. You can use ribbon, elastic, or even unused shoelaces to tie the mask in the back. Fifth, make the cape. You can find endless links to “how to make a superhero cape” online as well as lots of “superhero cape templates”. Here is one you can make out of an T-shirt! As an optional sixth step, turn these superhero characters into a play. Write the script and then perform it later! Enjoy the day with your family running around as superheroes!


Every year my family and I spend one week as a staycation. We take off from work and take the kids gallivanting around the wonderful sites in our own city that we would normally miss if we were to vacation elsewhere. For more staycation ideas check out Every Dollar. Last year we priced it out and realized we would be able to enjoy a rather luxurious staycation with all the money we wouldn’t be spending taking an inexpensive trip that required a flight and a hotel. I also heard once that it helps children to be more responsible if they take ownership of vacation planning. Have a family meeting to let them in on the plan. Provide them with the possible nearby cities and towns that would be reasonable destinations for the staycation. Once they pick,then have them research which sites the family will see. Once these are settled, let them check out the map to determine how to get there and the best route to travel to get from spot to spot to make the most of time and gas or other transportation costs. Double check that they are including meal pit-stops too. They can even pick what you eat? Is it a picnic, a favorite restaurant? Make sure to set some ground rules like distance, any required activities, limitations based on cost prohibitions, and that parents have veto power in the planning stage. In our recent week long trip to the Poconos our rule was we had to go skiing twice. Otherwise, the kids made all the choices!


Did you know that sidewalk art was an actual art form with actual artists? Hani Shihada is a sidewalk chalk artist, for example, as well as Julian Beever. Check out these amazing chalk art images that will blow your mind. Of course you don’t need to be an artist to have fun making chalk art. Use your imagination! While you are at it go ahead and play some sidewalk chalk games. Check out What Mom Loves for 101 Genius Sidewalk Chalk Ideas.


Above we talked about making superhero masks and capes. Another activity we want you to think about is making something for the true superheroes – the hospital workers who help to save lives everyday. Right now they need some masks and gowns. Okay, so “gowns” doesn’t sound as sexy as capes, but our superheroes depend on them to keep themselves safe as they help to keep other people safe. Lazy Girl Designs has a printable hospital gown pattern (sign up required) . Button Counter has a picture tutorial for how to make cotton safety face masks. Craft Passion also has a picture tutorial of two different styles of masks with printable templates for a variety of different mediums including those using Cricut machines. Make sure to check with your hospital to see if these items are needed.


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