As the weather gets warmer, enjoy those outdoor days. In the meantime, here are 60 activities to do indoors to entertain yourself! These are fun whether you are in a household of 2 or 10!


I watched an episode of a show called Victorious with my kids. It’s particularly funny because all the main characters are engaging in a method acting activity where they each play a character – assigned by someone else – for an entire evening while hanging out with each other. This, I thought to myself, is a perfect activity to include in my blog. It’s a simple activity. Everyone picks a character type that is specific in three ways. Then either assign it to someone else and they assign their’s to someone else, and so forth OR you can put all the ideas in a bowl and randomly pick. Then, for the rest of the day, hour, or however long, everyone must stay in character. Last person to break character wins (anything you decide to make the prize). It’s wonderful to get out of your own character and comfort zone for a while and pretend to be an entirely different person. Plus it’s great to become different people when you have been spending a lot of time with the same people!


No doubt you are doing some online shopping while you are at home these days. You might as well get some great items at great prices. Gather your family around and talk about their shopping needs. Make a single list of desired items to enable you to be the most efficient in your shopping process. You can use the opportunity to talk about comparison shopping, cost per type of measurement, and supply and demand. Each member of the household can help out by going on their own devices and pick one retailer each and then shop off the list to see who can find each item for the lowest price. One of my favorite places for online window shopping is Lands End. Normally their items are out of my price range, but they have a web feature called On The Counter that will you get you amazing deals! Each Saturday they post about 40 items on sale, then Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the items become increasingly discounted. Buy early if it’s something you love; otherwise, wait until Friday to gamble that it will still be available at the lowest price (sometimes at 85% off the full retail price). For other discount options from a variety of vendors at different price points check out, Target’s Circle, Orvis’ Tent, Neiman Marcus’s Last Call, or Sax on Fifth. If you can’t find the items you want at your price point, check out Slickdeals and add a “custom deal alert” for your item and Slickdeals will notify you if a sale on the item is ever posted.


Now that you and your family have some extra time in your home, why not learn a skill that will come in handy for impressing people throughout the rest of your life. Magic is a great icebreaker, fun conversational talking point, entertaining at a party, great to perform for friends, and fun to learn with your kids. Here are a few easy magic tricks that kids and adults can do to start you off on your magic education. You can challenge your family members to each learn one trick and then have your own mini magic show in the house. If you want some tricks you can learn to entertain your children with, check out these more science oriented magic tricks. Just remember the magicians code. Don’t tell anyone other than your newly created fellow magicians how a trick is done. Click here are some other magician’s rules to know as well.


Have you ever wondered what sparked Picasso to create his most famous paintings or what were the inspirations for Matisse, Warhol, or Rembrandt? For this activity, ignore that actual history and create your own. No need to look far to find famous paintings online. Try this visual list of 100 works of art. As you work on this activity feel free to provide some art education with some information about the different artistic periods. There are two versions of this activity you can use. In one version, you can work collaboratively with your family to create a single backstory for a painting. In doing so, you will help your family members learn persuasion as you try to convince each other of which direction to take the backstory. Another version of this activity is for each family member to pick a famous painting and then tell each other stories later. These would even make great bedtime stories!


More than ever you probably wish you were in your happy place. Not surprisingly, everyone else in your household does too! Why not go to your happy place vicariously through creating a visual representation of your happy place in the form of a bookmark? The bookmark is ideal for a few reasons. First, it’s a finite space so you can’t go too crazy. Second, it’s something you will repeatedly use for practical reasons – maybe even the next time you actually do get to go to your happy place and find yourself reading a book. Third, all this bookmark activity requires is paper and a pen. Cut the paper into 2″ by 11″ if you have some standard copy paper handy, though bookmarks can come in lots of different sizes. Markers, crayons, and colored pencils will help you bring your happy place to life even more if you have them handy. Everyone in your household can either make their own, pick someone else’s happy place to draw, or one person can make all of them. Even in the latter case, the family still joins in on the fun by discussing their happy places. You’ll find talking about these happy places is a nice substitute for being there right about now.


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