Right about now you may be more bored than usual. You’ve been home a week perhaps. Starting week two of staying at home. It’s the perfect time to check out these 45 activities!


Being social is important even when (or especially when) you are home bound. It’s a great time to read all those books you have wanted to read for a while though it’s hard to be social while reading a book. It’s not impossible though. Start a book club to accomplish both goals. Narrow down your book choices to three that represent age- and preference-appropriate books that your family will all read. To make sure the kids are keeping up with their education you can make sure the book meets the Lexile scores for their age. To find a Lexile score for a book use the search at Lexile Scores or enter the “lexile level x books” at Amazon in the search window (replace the x with the Lexile Score). Then, seek out classmates, friends, and family offering them to pick from the three options. Secure your books in online versions to get started right away. Decide what video chat to use, who the facilitator will be, and what are the book club rules. Check out this site for tips for kids book clubs.


Do you remember Bill Nye, the Science Guy. He has his own page on YourTube with 26 short videos, approximately 2 minutes each. You can “play all” to watch them without interruption. For information about the series which aired from 1983 to 1998 visit IMDB. To watch full episodes of the original series, find them here. There’s a new series you might like as well on Netflix titled Bill Nye Saves the World and you can check out a 2017 documentary on Bill Nye at Netflix too. Not only will the entire family learn knew things about science, you’ll find yourself singing the theme song throughout the day!


Somewhere in your toy closet or garage you may have a hoola hoop. Drag it out or purchase one and give this a try. It’s great exercise, a fun challenge, and – believe it or not- it’s complex. Turns out there are tons of hoola hoop tricks that you can learn. It’s great for the entire family. To inspire yourselves, start by watching fun hoola hoop videos on YouTube. To learn how to do these tricks yourself check out HoopLovers.tv for 25 hoola hoop trick tutorials.


Have some fun with relatives by having your kids draw a portrait of them. You can start with a family photo that can be the basis of the picture or you can incorporate a live model by having a video chat session with the model themselves, which makes for some great family quality time. Either way, make sure when the masterpiece is complete you share it live with the model. This way the kids get the live praise in real time and your relative gets some social time too. Don’t forget to post the picture on your social media as well as the fridge. One caveat when picking your model: make sure they have a thick skin!


I bet you’re wondering what this means. Well, it means that I want you to be present with your feelings, thoughts, concerns, and anxieties for a minute. Do this for yourself first and then get the entire family involved, either one on one or as a family meeting. This isn’t about freaking each other out, crying, or mourning. This is about regrouping. Think and talk about what you want from your time at home. As frustrating as it may be to be in your home for a long stretch, think about what you want to accomplish while you are there. I am sure there are times when you have thought, “Oh I wish I had more time.” So this is it. This is your big chance. What projects would you like to work on? What’s stopping you still? How can you problem solve to get these projects off the ground? First, stop what you are doing. Stop worrying for a minute. Stop cleaning. Stop feeling frustrated, depressed, or angry. Give yourself a moment to let go of these emotions. Second, reflect. Think/talk about these things with your family. I bet they also have lots of projects they would love to work on. Or you can help them be creative and come up with some. You might not think your 6 year old has a project in mind, but you may be surprised. Third, what resources do you each need to complete these projects. Now is the time to prepare. These worksheets might help. Plan your work space out. Find or purchase the items you will need. Problem solve for the difficult parts of the project. Fourth, schedule when you will get this project done. Maybe you need to share space or you have a lot of other time-consuming things to juggle. Create a timeline for the order of the smaller tasks in your projects and when you think these steps need to be accomplished. Breaking large projects up into smaller pieces makes them easier to do, less likely to have flaws, and more likely to get done. Fifth, relax. You are in no rush, for once. Time is on your side. Enjoy it. Take a deep breathe. Sixth, when your materials and tools are gathered, go ahead and start that big project. Get to work.


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Let us know what you’ve tried, and share some stories with us!