Among my friends, on social media, and in the news I am seeing a lot more interest in volunteering, giving, being kind, and in general trying to help in any way possible. Of course the need is there. So I will try to include more ways to help in my blogs. And thanks in advance for everything you do to help.


Gather the family around the dinner table. Ask about which local restaurants and other nearby businesses you hope will be able to stay in business long term. Then, make a schedule for when you will order from each. Put a note on your refrigerator with the businesses’ names so that whenever you think of something you need or wonder what you will eat, you will be able to consider these options first. Amazon is often the go to these days for any purchases needed. But they will have plenty of business and they have actually begun hiring 100,000 workers so consider patronizing the organizations that need you as a customer much more instead. When you feel like you want to help those businesses who are struggling or the people who would be struggling if those businesses closed down, purchasing from these businesses will make your day a little brighter knowing you have done something to help. One strategy if you are all stocked up for now is to buy gift cards from the business. Pay by credit card so you can worry less about the business going under (check with your credit card company first). Credit card companies may dispute charges on your behalf if a store goes out of business and you have a gift card you recently purchased. It’s an especially good time to purchase gift cards now and save them for holiday presents later since they won’t expire for a long time.


I know you think I am crazy. But, really, how many chances in life do you have to change your hair color to any color you want without worrying about the social implications! You’re stuck at home most of the time anyway! Remember, hair dye isn’t permanent. You can even purchase dye that only last a few washes. Self-care is important after all, right? Splat and Manic Panic among other brands all have a variety of wild and fun colors to choose from. You can dye a little or a lot. Choose one color or many colors. As a bonus, if you have blonde or grey hair you may even be able to forego the bleach step since the dye can adhere to these lighter colors more easily than dark hair. There are plenty of tutorials online about how to do an ombre or other crazy cool designs (keep scrolling down that site to see them). For the more timid among us, offers 25 color styles that aren’t too bold but still make a statement. The best part is that because you are not likely to use the entire hair dye bottle, you can get the entire family in on the hair dying experience. Whether it is a strip in the front, dipping the entire bottom, or randomly spaced ‘highlights’ throughout you will have lots of family fun with this activity!


You won’t believe how easy it is to make a flip book. Remember these things? The little books that as you flip through them quickly it looks like there is an animated character or scene. At a bare minimum all you need is paper cut to a small size (your choice), binder clips, and a pen. Here’s a great tutorial. For written instructions that describe the process in a lot of depth (too much perhaps) check out Instructables. You can start with easy concepts like flowers moving in the wind or a sun rising with younger or more resistant family members. The hardest part of the flip book making process is the tedious nature of having to draw the same things over and over if you pick a more complicated concept. From a time management point of view, however, this is ideal as it means it COULD take a lot of time thereby occupying your kids for a lot of time!


No need to hurry to buy a game of Boggle right now. Check out this great online version of a similar word game. Click on “New Game” to change the face. You can actually play online there or use the screen to play on your kitchen table with paper and pens. You can even use the site to play with others remotely. Just take a picture of the screen and send it to everyone by text. You can use a video chat and place the camera focused on the game screen so everyone can see it. Just make sure everyone has an equally good view of the screen at the same time! It’s a fun way to teach young ones new words. Brush up on some basic words ahead of time with this list of one thousand basic words.


Don’t watch just any cartoon. Watch a foreign language cartoon with subtitles. There are so many reasons to do this. First, it will make you feel like you are on a vacation in another country- a great feeling to have right about now. Second, it will introduce your child to other cultures, their values, their language, and much more about what makes that culture what it is. Third, coupled with language programs like the free and popular app Duo Lingo or other language acquisition strategies research shows it can help your children learn another language. Fourth, if you are planning on going somewhere internationally for your next vacation, this is a great way to start getting the family excited about the trip. Fifth, the show might just be great and provide lots of valuable entertainment for your family. Check out these highly recommended foreign language cartoon options.


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