I am so excited today to be able to share 250 fun activities with you all. Now that we have reached this milestone, we are moving to a one post a week model. Next goal…300 FUN ACTIVITIES! Please enjoy our activities; share them with others; and send us your comments and activities. I am so grateful to all my friends and family who have helped me to come up with ideas and images for Stir Crazy Family.


No. I’m not crazy. This is incredibly fun. While we can’t go out and enjoy activities like NASCAR, bowling, baseball, horse-racing, and so on, we’ve got to find something to fill that gap in our lives. This. Is. It. Marbula One is a fun activity that you won’t want to miss. We watch it during dinner. We each have our marble team that we root for as they qualify and, then, tackle the crazy race courses with sometimes over ten laps! Sometimes my marble is at the lead but then my daughter’s beats me out in the final moment and so on. It’s hysterical and really supplies that family friendly fun that sporting events provide for people. Another plus is that it’s a small commitment as each race is only a few minutes. Start watching Season One for free here now.


Kids love playing with all the toys they have in the house, but no doubt there is a favorite. Based on that toy brand, you can do an internet search with that brand name and the word ‘printable’. We have had great success with American Girl Doll printables and these great “Unofficial Star Wars Finger Puppets” printables. These are great additions to pretend play with kids and are affordable because they only cost the amount you pay for ink and paper. Ideally, a color printer with cardstock works best. The printable folders, for example, are amazing. They are totally usable if they are printed on cardstock. My Froggy Stuff has particularly exceptional printables. This is also a fun way to teach your kids about geometric shapes as most of these are 3D and box form of some kind (e.g., cereal containers, etc).


Change your Facebook feed to ‘most recent’ which is an option in your Facebook menu. Facebook hides it and makes it temporary because they want to predict your needs and censor unrelated content for their own advertising revenue. But ‘most recent’ shows you everything in the real timeline which means you won’t be inundated with the most intense things all the time as you scroll through Facebook. Instead since ‘most recent’ is unedited by Facebook you will have the typical intensity of posts separated by more relaxing posts that you would never see otherwise. Please try this. You will be amazed at how relaxing and enjoyable an activity this is. To amp up your sense of relaxation, while you are on Facebook, follow the Facebook group View From My Window. It is user generated content of literally the view from the windows of people from around the world. Each picture is unique, beautiful, politically neutral, and without judgment. All of these things are relatively rare on Facebook these days. View From My Window is the most peaceful inspirational neutral stuff on Facebook. It’s amazing how many people posted photos. The originator isn’t accepting any more images because she is backlogged and posting pictures all day (you can see by the time stamp on the posts that she is only up to the end of April!). It was only started on March 22nd and there are over 2 million members!!! Please do yourself a favor and sign up for this group. It’s a respite from the crazy goings on in our Facebook news feeds. 


Check out this 3-minute long absolutely beautiful historical depiction of the last 40,000 Years of London’s History – Made Entirely of Paper. There are no words for how amazing this is. . . and educational!


Take some time now, as we are realizing more and more how precious life is, to explore the world’s endangered species. Look at these species that became extinct just last year! Here are animals that became extinct in the last ten years including the over 100 year old Pinta Island tortoise Lonesome George who became the icon of the Galapagos Islands. Explore the species that have gone extinct in the last 100 years and the more than 31,000 species that are currently threatened with extinction. Check out the 17 Small Things You Can Do to Help Endangered Species right now!


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