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There’s no better way to step outside your personal comfort zone than by acting out a monologue of someone entirely unlike you. When I taught public speaking it was one of my favorite activities to assign and students always put their all into it. No doubt you will remember these 20 monologues and these 25 monologues from seeing great movies in the theater (remember when we could do that?). Since most of those are monologues spoken by men, check out these famous movie monologues spoken by women that will “bring you to tears” or these monologues by women that will make you laugh. To get the scripts of the monologue do an internet search of one short sentence from the monologue in quote marks and no doubt you will easily find it online. Want something more classically challenging? Check out these full texts of famous Shakespeare monologues and add your own touch to them. Want something particularly “cool”? Check out these 10 Coolest Monologues in Movie History. Looking for something quicker to pull off as family entertainment in a pinch. Put the names of these one minute monologues in a bowl and have each family member pick one. Give everyone 15 to 60 minutes depending if you want it to be funny or serious (fyi shorter prep time = funnier). Then each person should present their monologue. Add scoring or commentary ala America’s Got Talent if desired!


I know restaurants are off the table (pun intended). But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a little atmosphere somewhere else in your home. Try turning a dimly lit hallway into a cozy quirky romantic restaurant for two with an end table and fancy ‘table clothe’, cushy pillows for some bohemian seating, some wine glasses (even if they are filled with water), and a vase of flowers (fake or real). Restaurants are all about ambiance, so you just need to use your imagination. The day my spouse proposed to me he took me to Jezebel. Although no longer open the restaurant was consistently rated one of the most romantic restaurants in Manhattan. It had a porch swing for table seating (inside!!!) Check out these tips and these from event planners for what to consider when creating ambiance.


First, decide what type of museum your family wants to create. The options are limitless. Consider that there are aeronautics museums, math museums, craft museums, doll museums, baseball museums, and about 200 maritime museums!!! Really, the options are infinite. Second, after you have decided your theme, find the artifacts you want to display. Sure, you can buy them online. But another option is to go searching for relevant artifacts in your own home. Think outside the box and cast your net wide to find a great variety. If that fails, you can make your own artifacts out of household supplies. Never underestimate the use of aluminum foil as metal, scraps of paper and discarded fabric for things like sales or uniforms, twisty ties from garbage bags for attaching things or making artistic abstract sculptures. Third, write or type the history of the artifacts and key information on paper and display near the artifacts. There is lots of information that can be found online that could be of interest to those who visit your museum. Take even the most seemingly useless and uninteresting ephemera up a notch with unique insights and fun facts you can find online. Search the Guinness Book of World Records for terms related to your theme for some fun commentary to add to your information cards. Consider including a price tag or value for the more prestigious or desirable items in your collection! Fourth, send out your invitations for your museum’s grand opening. Ideally it’s location is one that can host the collection for a while so that you can video chat with family and friends and give them a virtual tour when they are looking to pass the time leisurely.


The United States Postal Service, presently in need of some increased revenue, offers two pre-stamped Fanciful Flowers and Azulillo stamped postcards that are blank on the cover. These provide a great opportunity to let your creativity flow using colored pencil, markers, crayons, washi tape, or any other material that can be applied flat to a postcard and can go through the post! You’re art will no doubt make someone smile when they receive it in the mail. As a bonus, you’ll save some money – stamp postage is less than a letter


Check out this quick video of a DIY lawn bowling project! This version of an American traditional pastime is safe enough to do in your home assuming you have the space. It’s a great way to make productive space out of a long hallway!


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