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Yes, Easter as passed. However, I bet many of my readers didn’t celebrate Easter anyway and never have dyed eggs. So stop associating egg decorating with Easter and color some eggs for fun any time of the year. No need to purchase a special egg dying kit. Just use food coloring and follow instructions. Check out these basics from Martha Stewart. Make sure to use more dye in your ratio in order to achieve a more saturated color and don’t forget to hard boil them and use vinegar in the dye (and discuss why the vinegar helps). Use crayons (light colors if you don’t want the color to show) and write in any word or draw anything before you dip in the dye and you will see the what you wrote/drew clearly afterward. Surprise a loved one by writing on the eggs in white crayon before the dye activity starts and have the family find their surprise messages! For 25 more tips watch this YouTube video from Bored Panda and these 43 Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs from Better Homes & Garden. To be able to keep the eggs long term, hollow them out first.


In the olden days there wasn’t social media, email, or telephones. People had to communicate across long distances through letters chronicling their experiences while being away from each other. This allowed for reflection, thoroughness, and a documenting of things that took place that could be read and reviewed many many years later. Even the mundane details at the time become fascinating when read decades later. Why not try this yourself? For some information check out the most famous correspondences and penpals. Read some love letters from the most historically famous romances of all time including those from celebrities. Check out the oldest letter correspondence ever that was written in the 14th Century known as the Amarna letters. See the actual letters for some famous correspondences here. Make sure to find a recipient who will truly appreciate the content and the gesture with at least a chance of reciprocating. To inspire your kids to participate as well and find the beauty in correspondence, check out this novel written in 1991 in the form of 3D interactive letters you can pull out of envelopes and actually read called Griffin and Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence. My spouse and I long-distance dated 25 years ago – at the birth of modern age computer and internet usage and before unlimited domestic calling (we only spoke once a week by phone). We corresponded with letters and both of us kept all of them!!!


Don’t laugh. I am entirely serious. What better time to clean up and reorganize than when you are home bound and, yet, not sick. For those who want a rationale to justify taking on this endeavor, think of it this way. Decluttering makes you a more critical thinker. It requires you to think about what it is you are looking at and analyze it, discarding the extraneous, and getting at the core of what is needed. Then, you need to organize what is left to form a cohesive idea of what these things mean as a whole. For more reasons to declutter and for some tips check out Becoming Minimalist. The Mayo Clinic even attests to the benefits of decluttering for improved mental health. For some fun see what kind of decluttering personality you have and go from there. Try these 45 Easy Organizing Tricks to Declutter Your Home and these 65 Genius Ways to Organize Your Home. Remember to make this a family affair giving a motivation that’s admirable and inspiring like donating the stuff you don’t want to charity or reusing your old stuff in upcycling projects.


Why throw out the no longer needed toilet paper rolls and waste so much cardboard? Instead, try these 79 Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts The Kids Will Love to Make. This site has easy to understand instructions, a clear list of materials, and cute fun color pictures for each craft. In addition, you will find plenty of projects on the internet besides these and lots of video tutorials too.


Act out a play with and for family. There are lots of screenplays and plays available online. It’s even easier if you have just a specific scene from a movie or play in mind. Enter your search term directly in Scripts.com or enter the name of the movie, play, or scene into google with the word script or screenplay and you will be surprised what you can find. For example, I found the entire screenplay for Shakespeare in Love! Choose your scene (shorter is better), assign parts, memorize your lines, practice your part, and perform! Make sure to include your family and friends on the video chat and record it for posterity (or your YouTube channel)!


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