Recently I have realized I am writing Stir Crazy Family as much for me as for my audience. After all, this is a great way to archive some of the fun things I have done with my family!


I never would have thought that WikiHow would be able to contribute to this category of instruction. Yet, there is a page for How to Write a Poem. So, it can’t be that hard to write a basic one, can it? Give your household a challenge to each write a poem by the end of the day. Then read these after dinner over dessert (or a drink!). Need more information, then check out this website for in depth discussion or watch a TedTalk that self proclaims it includes Everything You Need to Write a Poem. If you want some inspiration check out the 32 Most Iconic Poems in the English Language or read a poem a day. Just don’t cheat by using this poetry generator 😉


I am in love with History Bingo Games that you can print at home. You can pick which part of American or World history you want to play about! Check out Bingo Card Template, Bingo Baker, and Bingo Card Creator. Learn about history and have fun. Make sure to have some candy, inexpensive trinkets, or homemade ‘love’ coupons to give as prizes for the winners!


Sending a kind note, making a care package, or calling someone who might particularly value it are all kind acts that are fairly easy to do. There are an infinite amount of random acts of kindness you can participate in that could really make someone’s day. Sit with your family and take some time to talk over some random acts of kindness ideas. What kind thing is within your means to accomplish? Keep in mind kindness doesn’t always depend on money. You have lots of other resources that can help including time, enthusiasm, strength, gardening skills, smiles, and more. Your potential kindness assets are unlimited! So here are a few hundred ideas to start thinking about: 101 Random Acts of Kindness; 103 Random Acts of Kindness; 115 Best Random Acts of Kindness Ideas to Improve the World; and 100 Acts of Kindness for Kids.


You may know someone for whom English is a second language or who doesn’t speak English. Why not write to them in a language that is more comfortable for them to read, instead of one that’s more comfortable for you to write. Online translation options are available including Google Translate. Google offers more advanced tools as well. If you have a gmail account you have access to Google Drive (the triangle symbol in your google tools), which is the equivalent of the Microsoft Suite. Open a google document and you can translate easily that allows you to translate any text to the most common languages with a single button. Open a google spreadsheet and you can add a translator that also easily allows you to translate an entire spreadsheet in a few minutes. These tools are free to use and make communicating with others from other cultures easy. As another option, Skype offers a live translator option that literally translates audio to audio in real time. Sure, the translation isn’t perfect, but it’s an amazing tool to have at your disposal!


Gather the family (and relevant materials) and take an engineering challenge! Try these Five Engineering Challenges for Kids – with Wooden Clothespins, Binder Clips, and Craft Sticks or these 50 Awesome Engineering Projects for Kids. Once you have become bored of these challenges, try to solve the 14 Grand Engineering Challenges that professional engineers are trying to solve for 2021.


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