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I adore a tasting menu where I get to try out a bunch of different small bites of food with a variety of flavors. This is a fun way to spark some excitement in your household over what my now be turning into redundant redundant boring boring food selections. Gourmet stores provide the most variety with specific ingredients like salt, hot sauce, oils, syrups, and on and on usually packaged as attractive gift sets. Marx Foods even offers a sausage variety pack with 12, yes 12, varieties of sausage including Elk and Wild Boar!!! The prices can be intimidating and prohibitive but you can definitely catch sales. Recently, I had a popcorn sampling ‘menu’ with several different salts including lemon salt, smoked salt, and vanilla salt plus a white truffle oil option. Harry & David and Williams Sonoma may be the two most popular and well known gourmet food vendors. However, don’t underestimate the stores you may not have heard of who specialize even more in the gourmet food marketplace like Stonewall Kitchen and Robert Rothschild. The latter was one of my father’s favorites with tasty sauces, dips, and toppings made with flavorful ingredients like pineapple and wasabi! Heck, if you have an item in your kitchen that you love it’s possible they have an entire line of products worth checking into! Department Stores like Macy’s have great gourmet food gift sets where you can find a lot of variety typically within a single brand. In some cases these even provide you the opportunity for a multi-course tasting menu including dessert. Plus department stores tend to have amazing discounts, especially for seasonal items. Macy’s, for example, regularly offers 30% off online prices for a select array of items.


The next time you have a video chat, why not start off with a joke! If these are math oriented, then you may learn a little something too…or at least feel like you are! Check out these 40 Cheesy Math Jokes with fun images. Try these 43 Math Jokes and Puns. When you run out, enjoy these 101 Silly Math Jokes and Puns!


You may think of popsicle sticks as something only used in children’s crafting. After all, it was super easy for me to find kids crafts with popsicle sticks online like these 50 fantastic options and these 100 equally wonderful choices. However, there are many uses for them including the 14 non-crafty uses of popsicle sticks in this cool graphic. Don’t have any at home? You can purchase them in any art oriented store. Check out the variety that popsicle sticks are available in at, for example, Michael’s. Check out these Pinterest images for an amazing selection of things you never would have thought possible with simple popsicle sticks. It makes sense that popsicle sticks have a secret more practical life. Popsicle sticks are wood. So they are durable, strong, versatile, flexible when wet, and can be painted! So of course they are amazing. So stop stereotyping popsicle sticks and give one of these 30 Creative Things to do with Popsicle Sticks a try!


The easiest place to start to learn about the US Presidents is with the White House, not surprisingly, which provides a list of each president linked to a photo and bio. For a more detailed site with quick facts check out the U.S. President’s page at the Miller Center. For fun, it might even be interesting to compare the content of each. Because Vice Presidents and First Ladies also play an important role in what the President does, check out this list which includes information on these invaluable people who don’t normally get the credit they deserve for what happens in the White House and the country. Then, when you are done exploring the more humdrum historical facts about the presidents, check out some fun facts. Visit 44 Interesting Facts You Never Knew about Each of the Presidents of the United States from Good Housekeeping or these fun facts from National Geographic. For more ways to research the US Presidents check out the National Archive.


When one of my cousins told me he was studying geography in college I thought he was crazy for studying something so dull. I assumed he was studying maps. Turns out, there is much more to it. See for yourself what the study of geography is all about and enjoy some Fun with Geography Activities that help teach why what’s around us is infinitely interesting and important. While you are at it, check out Google Earth to see geographic landscape for yourselves literally. Pick a location and check out what time it is there with a time zone converter!


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