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Puzzles come in innumerable varieties. Some of the fan favorites are crossword puzzles, word searches, and Sudoku but these are just a few of the options available to occupy your time. Crosswords are great for improving cultural history and knowledge acquisition. Check out these crossword puzzles in different genres and from different publications. Word finds are great for learning language and spelling. Check out these word searches with themes including The Simpsons! Sudoku are great for math skills. Visit this sudoku puzzle site to play right now! There are lots of online options to work on by yourself for some quiet time or to enjoy with the entire family. If you prefer hard copies of puzzles, try printing some of these printable puzzles or check out Penny Press for more options than you can imagine in this game genre. As a bonus they are offering 10% off for signing up for their email list. They also offer puzzle apps for your phone and a monthly puzzle contest on their website (with a prize too)!


My father liked to tell the story of when he went to a friend’s house for the first time for dinner and was offered oddly colored food including green mashed potatoes! These weren’t avant garde gourmet meals but simply food with food coloring. Nonetheless, it definitely made an impression because he told the story for the next 60 years. It’s especially easy with white colored easily mixed foods, but can work in other ways too. Have some fun with these 12 ideas. Ready for the next challenge level, then check out these 33 Beautiful Things You Can Make With Food Coloring. When you are bored of using the food coloring on food, try these 57 Cool Science Projects with food coloring!


Now is a great time to begin stamp collecting, a historically relevant lifelong-passion type pastime and hobby if there ever was one. Now is an especially good time as it looks like the Post Office is in some trouble. Luckily, lots of people are coming to the rescue and you can too! The American Philatelic Society has great resources to get started. According to their site, “While President Franklin Roosevelt may have been the most famous U.S. collector, other well known collectors include Sharktank’s Mark Cuban; astronaut Henry Hartsfield; actors Gary Burghoff and James Earl Jones; explorer Jacques Cousteau; tennis superstar Maria Sharapova; musicians John Lennon, Freddy Mercury and Ron Wood; cartoonist Gary Trudeau; and French President Nicholas Sarkozy.” So, why not join these prestigious individuals and get started? To start purchasing stamps visit Buy your collector stamps and also purchase your holiday card stamps now too! And remember, Forever Stamps never decrease in value and will be able to be used for mailing even if the price of stamps increase. A great bargain! Choose from 31 varieties of stamps in wonderful varied themes using beautiful images and designs from as far back as 2014.


In case you have never heard of a vision board, check out these amazing examples on Pinterest. Despite the naysayers, a vision board is a fun experience and a great way to spend time, help you visualize your ideas, and share a little of who you are with those around you. So grab some old magazines and other supplies to get started. Here’s how to create a vision board and, of course, there are plenty of other video tutorials and online resources available. If you still aren’t convinced check out these five reasons you should Create a Vision Board. Now that you are convinced, go host your own vision board party and get your friends and family in your home and on a video chat to join in the fun!


I will be the first to admit I cringe when I watch these videos. I generally don’t like scary surprises, tricks, prank calls (I couldn’t stand the Jerky Boys or Jackass), or even the World’s Funniest Home Videos most of the time because I empathize too much with the victims. But I am not above an occasional cucumber cat video. Read here to understand why this reaction occurs with cats. If you have never seen them, check some out on YouTube. However, I urge you NOT to try this at home or create your own video as this just isn’t nice to do to cats.


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