Beauty can be found in many places and things. Sometimes in the most unusual or least expected. We often travel to other places, go to events, and look outside our own lives to find beauty. Take a deep breath and look around. Absorb the beauty around you.


I love it when I see folks on Facebook revamping their apartments. It makes perfect sense. 1) You might have more time than you used to in order to work on home projects. 2) You have more time to stare at your home than usual. To help your projects along, check out these 50 Easy DIY Home Hacks That Will Improve Your Life. Try these 100 DIY Home Projects for Under $100. Make sure to make this a family experience. There is a lot to learn about math, especially measurement, ratios, and more in home improvement projects. Think you need an expert? That’s so pre-social distancing! Just do it yourself with these 100 Home Repairs You Don’t Need to Call a Pro For. But be careful. Now is not the time to end up in a hospital.


Laughter is the best medicine. So if your toilet paper supply is getting low and you are down to your last sheet, check out these memes from Jet Setter that make light of your ‘sticky’ situation. Tell these 60+ toilet paper jokes on your video chats and listen to Johnny Carson tell you a toilet paper joke himself! Share these 233 toilet paper cartoons with your family. Read these fake news toilet paper stories from The Spoof. Watch these funny toilet paper videos on YouTube. And when you have finally laughed all you can laugh, sober up with some toilet paper news.


To find out more about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) visit here. To learn more about the history of this nearly 20 year phenomenon, check out this site. There are lots of reasons to join a CSA, especially now that supermarket lines are long! Serious Eats has a great list of pros and cons and check out the comments too which offer a lot of interesting perspectives on CSA’s as well. Learn about agricultural science and the benefits of a CSA as it applies farmers, the environment, and future generations here. To find your local CSA opportunities and get started click here.


You can use these techniques for wall art on canvas, greeting cards on paper, or custom designed t-shirts. Take my advice and start with the most simple design possible! To get started, you can go ahead and buy a screen printing kit with all the basic ingredients you will need for between $40-$200. Or, for a less expensive option, you can make your own version with materials you may have at home and can buy online. In a pinch, as long as you have the screen (made or purchased) and ink you can screen print using stencils! Don’t want to invest in making or buying the screen or the ink, then here is the least expensive easiest way to get the same effect; plus, it’s tons of fun too and great for young kids! Use some masking tape you likely already have in your home to make abstract art prints and you can even add their names! In the picture above you can see the art prints my kids did with tape more than 5 years ago on the bottom. On the top it’s the screen prints we made with stencils (the no light method) just this week! To get inspired check out these 15 Inspiring Examples of screen printing.


It seems so simple, yet I haven’t discussed this in 140 activities. Gather around your family for some reading time. No need to read aloud. After so long being home bound, it’s fun to just be near each other in common shared beautiful silence. Make sure each person has their necessary comfort items to curl up with (e.g., soft fluffy blanket, comfy pillow, fresh hot tea) and then set a timer so everyone commits to a shared experience for a certain period of time without chit chat or unnecessary interruptions. Library systems throughout the US have lots of curated preference and age-specific book lists to access online to give you some ideas. No need to have a library card to access this 125 Book We Love list. Check out these ebooks available for free for all – no library card required. For the researchers among us who prefer non-fiction, check out the Digital Research Books available – also free for all. If you prefer audio books check out these free options – just make sure to have headphones. There is till nothing like curling up with a good book. . . and loved ones!


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