Friendship is important throughout the year in normal circumstances for our entire lives. In times of stress, even more so. We hope you will consider taking some of these activities – out of the 130 of them posted here – and reach out to some friends!


Recently I was reminded of the importance of PBS in the lives of children. I remember watching Sesame Street religiously with mine when they were younger. Because so many schools are cancelled across the country, like a dear old friend, PBS is stepping in to help. According to the Interim NYSED Commissioner, “PBS educational programming is available to K-12 students every weekday on-air to help ensure that all students have access to quality educational resources regardless of whether they have a computer or broadband at home. Parents and educators should check local listings for their local public television stations for additional information on schedules and channel lineup. You can find your local PBS station by using the PBS Station Finder.” In addition to the education programming, PBS has a fantastic resource site for children at


On your virtual tour of everywhere I only have one piece of advice. Don’t keep all your web browser windows/tabs open or your computer may crash! (Learned that the hard way). Here is my suggested path for your Tour of Everywhere. First, you can take a virtual tour of many well-known colleges and universities simply by entering “virtual tour” and the name of the school into a internet search engine. Not sure which school to visit, check out that links to over 600 schools. Second, take a virtual tour of Colonial Williamsburg and while you are at it check out another 14 historic places in the United States. Third, visit sites you never thought you would ever get to see up close like ‘Dracula’s’ castle in Bran, Romania. Visit two restored homes in Pompeii, Italy. Check out how social distancing is working in Times Square! Enjoy people watching in real time at THE ONE AND ONLY Abbey Road in England (of Beatles fame!). (I literally just watched a family of 3 taking pictures of themselves on Abbey Road – too cool…if also a little creepy). Fourth, for a bit of quirky fun, take virtual tours of 30 theme parks, museums, zoos, and aquariums by visiting Good Housekeeping. Fifth, to soak in local culture, check out tours of Graffiti Art from around the world, visit Sixth, take in the beautiful scenery at virtual tours of five inter/national parks. Seventh, continue your reflective journey by getting spiritual and taking a tour of the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. Eighth, and most important, check out earth slowly rotating! I hope you enjoy your tour of everywhere. If so, share it with your friends by sending the link to Stir Crazy Family their way.


There are lots of games that require cards, parts, pieces, supplies, equipment, technology, or other kinds of purchases. There’s no need for any of that with the simple game of I-Spy. It’s a guessing game in which one person picks an item in the room or designated area and describes it to the other players without giving too much away. The other players have to guess what it is that was spied. For the rules and some sweet illustrations, check out this WikiHow. To learn more about this game check out Wikipedia which discusses the history of the game as well as variations of it. I recommend playing this outside or through a window to a view of outside so that for an extended period of time you will enjoy yourself while feeling less like you are home bound.


For those of you who don’t know, Dole Whip is legendary. Search online for “Dole Whip” and “Disney” and you will get everything just short of odes to the tasty treat, which rumor says can only be found at Walt Disney World. Disney has taken sympathy on those of us who are homebound and cannot travel to Disney to get one and has released the recipe for Dole Whip!!! That’s something the entire family can enjoy!


This is an important moment in history. You are in the unique, if also uncomfortable, position of living through it. Take the opportunity to document history and, specifically, how you are personally experiencing it. Get the entire family involved. Either write each entry with the input of everyone or have anyone who wants to write their own added to your site so your readers can read about the experience from different perspectives. Blogging Basics discusses some reasons you should start writing a blog. Once you are convinced, check out First Site Guide to learn How to Start a Blog in 8 Easy Steps, which walks you through the important practical foundational decision making involved with having a blog. Next, focus on the content of the blog itself and read some Tips & Tools to Write a Good Blog Post. Finally, learn from the experts. Here are 12 Expert Tips for writing a blog and here are 16 Tips from Blogging Experts for Beginners.


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