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I heard from a friend of mine yesterday – an essential worker – who was feeling a bit down. I racked my brain to think of how I could cheer her up. I really couldn’t do anything remotely. I couldn’t provide the typical hug, etc. I also didn’t want to say a cliche like “things will get better soon.” I realized the only goal that was realistic for me to achieve remotely was to make her smile. A smile should not be underestimated. Research shows that the physical act of raising the corners of your lips (aka smiling) can actually make you feel better. So I pooled my family resources and sent her some funny, silly, and sweet pictures of us. It seemed to do the trick! This inspired me to share these with other essential workers I know. Turns out it made them smile too! If I can give each of them a smile then that’s something worthwhile. So I challenge you to send your own funny, silly, sweet pictures to the essential workers that you know and care for! Don’t cheat and send the stuff online with cats and dogs….send them funny, silly, sweet pictures of you and your family! It’s the least we can do to say thanks for all the amazing work they are doing!


There has been a big push to make sure everyone in the United States takes the 2020 census. It’s extremely important. Unfortunately, the stay-at-home situation has really sidetracked this intrepid national effort to encourage participation. Even worse, it is going to sidetrack the Census takers’ ability to go door to door to gather data from those households who haven’t yet completed the 2020 Census online. This effort has been substantive so far and lots of resources are being poured into increasing the Census response rate, which was very low in the last Census 10 years ago. Why is taking the Census so important? The answer is Democracy!

To find out why it’s important for each of these groups to be counted in the 2020 Census click the link:

Check out information about the basics of the Census. Get answers to your questions about privacy and the Census. Learn about the race and origin questions by reading this fact sheet and this information. The Census matters even to already thriving public and private sections. And, of course, it’s not surprising that the Census matters for healthcare. As a bonus, appreciating the census is a great way to teach your family about math and statistics specifically!


Children say the funniest things. So now is a better time than ever to hear what they have to say. Check out these 100+ Funny Questions to Ask Kids for ideas of what to ask your child. To have even more fun with it, ask more than one kid by getting siblings, other relatives, or friends involved! You can even answer the questions with your kids! To share the fun, ask the questions during a video chat with a loved one! Remember to post the best answers on Facebook for your Facebook friends to enjoy as well and to preserve them for posterity in your Facebook history!


I am so excited about this. How cool is it that celebrities, in an effort to help, have started recording themselves reading books aloud and live streaming these online. Dolly Parton reads a bedtime story for kids every night. It’s not surprising as someone who is a fierce advocate for literacy mailing over 133 million free books to children registered for her Imagination Library program. While you read up on her program, consider enrolling for yourself or someone you love who would benefit from the Imagination Library. Dolly Parton is one of many celebrities and authors reading stories. Just to name a few, check out LeVar Burton from Star Trek and Reading Rainbow fame; Eric Carle reading his own The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Betty White reading Harry the Dirty Dog; and a Drag Queen Story Hour. For an archive of children’s stories read by celebrities visit Storyline Online, which will keep your family entertained at bedtime for months and months! To expand beyond story time reading, check out some of the most renown publishing houses for a plethora of additional children’s resources like Harper Collins, the equally well-known Penguin, and of course Random House. If you have more time to spare then go explore all the many resources – consisting of an amazing list of author readings, story times, and other literacy related resources – at the New York Society Library (#stayingathome with the Kids).


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