This is a great time to let your voice sing out. When you walk down the street, sing. Yesterday we sang (loudly) the literal parody version of Frozen 2 Into the Unknown walking in the Financial District of lower Manhattan. Enjoy the solitude any way you can. It may sometimes seem like it will never go away, but it won’t be around forever.


For this 100th activity, I wanted to give you a chance to do something at home you might not realize you can. Fun for the entire family. We used to go to karaoke places. This is great fun. There are places with private rooms or ones that are entire bars with lots of strangers. Our kids could never join us, which has its perks. But more often than not I found myself wishing they could. They don’t get to see mom and dad being silly that much. There are karaoke machines that can be purchased and you may already have one of these. In lieu of that, did you know there are online karaoke sites? My mind is blown. I can’t believe I never thought of this before. For a review of the top sites check out Though you may have to pay for some of the sites, it’s hours of entertainment. The first hours are doing karaoke. The other hours of fun are your family making fun of you doing karaoke!


Climate change (aka global warning) has been controversial and a political lightning rod. So much so that we can’t appreciate it for what it is because there are too many layers of political partisanship covering up the facts. Making matters worse, climate change is not something we experience in real time making it unreal rather than science to some people. Not any more. One upside to people staying at home more is that we are able to see the impact that a lack of pollution has in the world. Literally, we can see it in a change over a couple of months. Check out these images of China. Check out Venice and Los Angeles. However, air quality and pollution impact are changing around the world. Take some time with your family to look at these images. Discuss what you can do as a family to help, now and once you are no longer home bound. Take the opportunity to teach your kids about this important scientific topic that will impact them and their generation much more than it will us and our generation. Use a lesson plan like this one from the NY Times. It’s truly a kid’s topic as 16 year old Greta Thunberg, Time Magazine’s 2019 Person of the Year, showed us with her advocacy.


Those who know me, know I like crafts. It’s a great pastime for kids and adults. It helps younger kids with fine motor skills and older kids with problem solving. It helps everyone with creativity. Michaels, the craft supply store, just distributed a beautiful and detailed PDF of 100 crafts. You likely have lots of supplies on hand but if you need some you can buy them from Michael’s or Joann’s. If you run out of craft ideas in the PDF, there is no shortage of crafting sites online. Take out the glue and enjoy!


There are some great options for classes. Some like this LEGO Engineering PopUp workshop at Outschool costs $16 (or $6 with membership). Some like DuoLingo are free apps. Coursera has a monthly subscription as well as some free courses. Free course content is also available from Khan Academy. Believe it or not, even Harvard University offers free online courses! tells visitors they can “Access 2500+ Online Courses from 140 Top Institutions.” Pick out the classes your family wants to take and start learning together today. Even if you can’t decide on a single class to take together, imagine the fun conversation trying to figure out which class each member of the household should take!


My son was very excited about this game, unusually so. We didn’t ‘get’ why until we all played together. It was a lot of fun despite being a rather simple game. Though you can buy it in a store with all the parts, you don’t need to at all. We used paper, pens, and the cards from a Pictionary game (to come up with words). Instead you can use this list of things you can draw. You too will be surprised at how much fun this is. The game is explained on Wikipedia as follows:

“Each player is given a drawing book and a marker. At the start of each round, every player is given a card with a list of secret words, each with a number between one and six. One player rolls a dice to determine which word each player will draw. The players then have sixty seconds to draw their word or phrase on page one of their drawing book.

Once the sixty seconds have passed, the players pass their books to the player on their left. On page two, the players guess what has been drawn on page one of the book that was passed to them. Once all players have written their guesses, they turn their books to page three and again pass their books to the left. Players continue to draw and guess until they have their original books back.

The players then take turns revealing what was drawn and guessed in their books, then award points. Each player awards:

  • One point to the player who drew their favorite sketch in their book
  • One point to the player who made their favorite guess in their book
  • One point to them-self if the final guess is the same as the secret word

The player with the most points after three rounds wins the game.”


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